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In my last post, I bring up the idea of getting the mindset right first when we are aiming at Success in Network Marketing. For those you you who have not quite had the mindset 100% anchored, you may find yourself having some negative conversation in your own mind.

These challenging internal dialogues may look like something like these:


-Sure, I know network marketing is a great way to generate an additional source of

income for my retirement BUT…I am going to be successful but I am not so sure if

I can really handle the objection that people would give me.

– Yes, the mindset thing is right BUT…. I tried not to have negative self-talk before.

It didn’t work. The voice kept coming back. Maybe I am not the type of person who

can handle this.

–  I know I can succeed if I kept my focus BUT… I am not so sure because I have a full time job.

I am often very tired after a long working day.


How are we going to have a Healthy Positive Mindset?

It would be great if you were brought up in a way that you believe in yourself. This, however, is not the norm. Many people were confident children, believing that they were invincible! In their eyes, ANYTHING is possible. As we grow older, many of us become less and less aware of our true potential. This is sad. Yet, it is so true!

So, how are we going to reclaim our belief in our ability to do GREAT thing?

Affirmation is one strategy that has shown promising results to many people. The idea is that our subconscious mind cannot really tell what is past or present. We have to feed our mind constantly with affirmation so that we finally 100% believe what we think we can do!

I have learned from Lisa Kitter Combs that it is important to remember the four Ps for affirmation:

1)  Positive: I earn $10,000 a month and enjoy my lifestyle instead of 

I no longer earn only $40,000 a year and do not like this salary.

2)  Present: I earn $10,000 a month and  enjoy my lifestyle instead of 

I am going to earn $10,000 a month and would love my lifestyle.

3)  Personal: Refer the affirmation to self or the team – using “I” or “We”.

For example, I deserve to earn $10,000 a month.

4)  Private: Make sure that we do not share our positive affirmation with people

who do not share our goals and vision. We deserve to be supported by

like-minded entrepreneurs.

I trust this strategy, when implemented consistently, can assist ANYONE to move forward. It may take months to eliminate the negative self-talk. There would be challenges along the path. I encourage you to be extremely aware of our own self-talk. Even better, have a mentor to guide you through this important transformation.

Final tips from Jerry DRhino Clark’s teaching:



To end this post, this Affirmation Video is for you!


In my next post, I shall share more tools for getting the mindset right.

In the meantime, have you got any good tips to share?

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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