Network Marketing Success Tips – Asking Empowering Quesions

In my last post, I talked about the importance of HOW we can help ourselves to get the mindset right by using Affirmations. I have share with you the techniques that I learned from Lisa Kitter Combs many years ago. If you have already started putting that into practice, I would love to hear about your feedback.

Today, I would like to share an important concept that I have learned from Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark through listening again and again to his tapes. This is about what he calls Emotional Bank Account. My haha moment from his learning is that when we have become emotionally unattached to the outcome of our daily interaction with the potential partners (prospects), we feel empowered in what we do.

I have also learned that once we REALLY understands what Network Marketers are paid for doing, we can feel the sense of certainty of the Success that we have in mind. Okay… this is getting a bit vague now.

Perhaps you would like to ask yourself (if you are a network marketer):

What am I being paid for in network marketing?

What is your reply to that question?

I believe the following might be your answer:

“I am being paid for getting people to say ‘yes’ to the product or the opportunity.”

(Mindset: It does not really affect me if people say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
The “Some will some won’t, so what?” kind of mindset can certainly help you focus on the process of prospecting & following up.) My experience tells me that while this is not a bad strategy, it is not as empowering as this one:

“I am being paid for collecting decisions.”

This is a very powerful way of changing the perception of Success!

Both Jeffrey Combs & Jerry Clark are very clear about this point –

“collecting decisions”.

(Mindset: I am here to connect with people, share ideas and collect decisions. Without any emotional attachment to the outcome, we can be much more professional as we respect the other person’s own decision.)

I have found that this shift in thinking helped me to feel relaxed about the process (of prospecting & following up). It also by default helps me to focus 100% on what the other person wants (as advocated by both Michael Oliver & Tim Sales).  When people do say ‘no’, we can also ask an empowering question such as “What might have I done differently to get better results next time?”

I find asking “HOW Questions” to be very powerful. Instead of asking “Why is happened to me?”, ask “How can I get a better result next time?”

To your Success in Relationship Marketing!

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