Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (3)

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Today, I am going to continue with sharing more success tips from Brian Tracy. In case you have not watched the video embedded in my last post, you may want to start by watching it. If you have already watched this video in my last blog, you can skip this or watch it again.



We are going to talk about the second personality power for success : competence

It may seem to be an obvious point when Brain says that successful people are competent. Yet, how do we become competent? Is someone born more competent then others? My view is that for Network Marketing skills, on one is any better than another one at birth!

I remember when I first bumped into Network Marketing, I was enthusiastic but not competent in communicating my message to others. The result? ZERO sign up in my first year! May be some of you can relate to my experience too.

I later realized that I needed to FOCUS on the other person’s needs, not my need to share the fantastic products or business opportunity. I also needed to communicate to others in such a way that suits the other person’s personality style and that I needed to really listen.  In addition, I had to be aware of the other person’s tone and body language. I eventually became competent in that area.

I share this part of my journey to illustrate a point – it does not matter if we are competent or not at the beginning. The important part is we became competent.


In the emails Brian sent to me, he recently shares his recent video called “Eliminating Obstacles”. He encourages us to think about why we are not at where we want to be yet.

What reason(s)?

What is holding me back?

What sets the speed at which I achieve my goal?

Brian shares that successful people think of SOLUTIONS while unsuccessful people think of problems, difficulties or who is to blame most of the time.

He elaborates that success is actually our ability to solve problems…..and problem solving is a skill that can be learned! In his view, when we have a strong enough desire, we will learn better and FASTER.

Brian sums up beautifully:

“In the pursuit of any goal, everyone experiences roadblocks and obstacles.What separates the successful from the less-than-successful – the great from the mediocre – is the ability to get past, through, over or under these roadblocks and obstacles, no matter what.”

MY OBSTACLE in 2011:

I have been removing obstacles one after another to come to the competent level for various essential ingredients for Network Marketing Success.  Since early 2011, I have been looking for ways to generate more leads. I am now learning online marketing to solve that problem.

Yes, it has been a difficult journey, starting from ground zero. I am charging on! Why? I have a crystal clear idea that “Success is Predictable” – the key is to learn from the leaders, to solve problems.


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