Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (5)

In the short video clip that I share with you in my blog Brian Tracy (1), Brain mentioned about the 4th C – Commonsense.

I realize that I have not come got a lot of material from Brian that talks about commonsense. However, I find that Brian covers a lot of commonsense in this video about Eliminating Obstacles:


In this video, Brian stresses on the importance of identifying the obstacles – both internal and external. Those are the roadblocks that stand between where we are and where we want to go. It makes sense than we have to overcome those obstacles. Here Brian talks about not only identifying them, we need to have them written down in details.

What sets the speed of how fast we can arrive at where we want to go?

It is about how fast we can master those knowledge and skills that we are lacking.


 Brian clearly stated that the ability to solve problems decides how far we rise in life.

Isn’t this commonsense again? Here I would like to share my own personal journey.

When I first started network marketing years ago, my enthusiasm really pushed many people away from me. Yes, I was passionate to help. Yes, I had confident about the efficacy of the products. The reality is: I COULD NOT SELL. Not the products! Not the income opportunity either!

Thanks to commonsense, I learned that I need to communicate in a manner that the

other person feels good about talking to me. So, I learned to listen better, to respect others’ circumstances, to be aware of others’ body language and tone, to communicate differently according to the other person’s personality style, etc. As I became better, I recruited members into my team.

Years down the track, I achieved modest success. Oops, another problem! There were not enough people for me to talk to. I tried to solve the problem by buying leads. Big mistake! While I did interview potential partners reasonably well and recruited members into the team, there was another problem! The new team members did not even complete the basic training course when they decided to leave network marketing.

LEARNING to solve problems

As the quality of the leads that I bought was no good, I consulted my upline. I was told that it was better for me to simply phone up people from the Yellow Pages…. as that would save me money. My commonsense tell me that at this internet age, there got to be a better way! It was then that I started another phase of my network marketing journey.

I am now learning from the very successful network marketing leaders to become a network marketer of value. Those people who are in search of network marketing as a solution to their problems will find me!


PROBLEM SOLVING is a skill that can be LEARNED

This is the biggest take-away from Brian’s video. As we identify the obstacles, all we need to do is to LEARN how to get over that particular obstacle. Success is a Journey.

Every mastery of a challenge leads to a step closer to the goal. As Brian says,

“Temporary Failure Always Precedes Success”.

 Isn’t this encouraging?



Here comes down to the key part – are we going to overcome the obstacles?

Commonsense tells us that we have to overcome those obstacles in our way in order to get the results that we want. But why so many people choose NOT to do the blatant ‘problem solving’ solution?

Brian points to the inside and outside obstacles that we need to address.

This is where commonsense kicks in again.



Does it make sense to solve an external problem when the obstacle is internal?

 Would it not be wise to ‘trouble shoot’ and clearly identify what exactly are the obstacles for you?



If you would like o have a FREE 20-minute chat with me, feel free to email me to arrange a time. I am happy to assist you in identifying the obstacles so that you can move closer to your goal.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach



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