Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (6)

Welcome back for more of Brian’s great success tips!

The first Brain Tracy tip that I shared with you is about Clarity. Brian then teaches us about Competence, Concentration and Commonsense.  Today, we are going to talk about Creativity. In  this short video clip uploaded by, you can learn about this personality power so that you can apply and leap forward in business this year.



In Brian’s presentation at this Effective Manager Seminar, he defined Creativity as the ability to improve.

He explained that as we place more demand on our thinking creatively, we become more creative.  He mentioned that success in our business life is related to the quantity of new ideas that we create. He added that more good ideas would bring more profit – the better and faster the ideas, the higher the profit.


I am pretty sure that if you are in Network Marketing, you are aware that you need to have a Roadmap/Business Blueprint for success. Ideally, this is provided by your network marketing company, your line of sponsorship or your mentor.  These are success guidelines and principle only.  We need to use our creativity as to HOW to motivate our new team members. As a leader, we need to find out where our new team member is at in his/her belief system. Very often, he/she is not at a stage where he/she has a rock solid belief that he/she can succeed in network marketing.

This is where the leader need to be creative. While attending personal development programs is non-negotiable, there are many different ways to motivate our team members.

Will reading motivational books empower him/her?

Will hanging around with successful leaders at company events help him/her better?

Or, would it be more effective establishing a solid mentor-team member relationship first and then advise or lead him/her what to do next?

I guess you get an idea! There is no ‘one size fits all’  solution when it comes to motivating others.

We have to get creative! We have to choose the type of incentive that appeals to our team member’s specific personality type and value systems.


In my early years, whenever I saw those fancy cars and really nice homes at the presentation screen, I found myself tuning out. Yet, some other people (guys in particular) were really pumped up! I am the type A personality….. meaning that I love to plan and have things under control.  Time and financial freedom appeal to me but nice car and homes?? Perhaps less appealing.

I love travelling. Being successful and able to travel around the world appeals to me!

I love helping people. Being successful and in a position that I can positively impact many others’ lives also appeal to me!

I love sharing. Being able to share the benefits of the products and/or business opportunity make me feel good! It makes the world a better place to live (future health issues, better relationships, cleaner environment, etc).

Okay, your turn to share now?

What motivates YOU?



How has creativity played a part in your own Success Journey?

Do you have any online or offline creative ideas to share?

I’d love to hear what worked for you!


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach


Queen of Hearts

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