Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (7)

If you have been following this Brian Tracy Series, I congratulate you now that you are coming back for more insights and wisdom! If you are here the first time, you may wish to go over my other blog posts talking about the 10 Personal Power for Success.

In the last two blog posts, I have covered qualities  Commonsense and Creativity. Brian draws our attention to the fact that commonsense as related to our ability to  eliminate obstacles and creativity as our ability to improve.  You would probably see that these two qualities are interrelated and absolutely essential as we are on our Success Journey. Otherwise, when we face challenges, we would be stuck forever or spinning on our wheels….and getting nowhere closer to our goals!

HOW Are We Going To Have  COMMONSENSE?

Here is Brian’s GOOD NEWS for you! We just have to train our mind to think with our intuitive commonsense!

As you listen, make sure that you have his Golden Formula written down. You can then fill in the blanks:

Wisdom = __________ + __________



Listen to Brian’s tips about HOW to be more creative. Again, he has given us some wonderful practical guidelines that everyone can apply. By asking questions and looking for new ideas, we become more creative. Here is the best part, by following our intuition, insights and inspiration will appear.

Here is the video:



In essence, Brian sums up that the quality of our relationships determines our success in life. Watch this video and learn from young Brian about the importance of listening well, expanding our vocabularies and developing our people skills. As the last video has not covered all of his speech on this, I have included the next one here. You may want to continue listening to the next quality (Consistency) too. It is something I shall be writing about shortly.


Your Thoughts?

I hope that you have gained a lot of insights by leveraging on Brian’s wisdom. Any thoughts and success stories that you may want to share with us?

Feel free to share so that we can all learn from each other!


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