Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (8)

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Today, we are going to cover Brian Tracy’s Success Tips: Consistency and Commitment.

Here is the video clip that I included in my last post.  Brian talks about how success people are consistent in what they do. They are living an authentic life and fully committed to what they focus on. Their goals are passion driven. Along the journey to reach their end goal, they stay focused, consistent and committed.



Brian explains that every great success is at one time a failure. How true!

With consistent efforts, successful people keep ‘constructing the life’ to reach their end goals.

Brian points out that the success (end goal) that many people see are actually the fruit of thousands and thousands of minor accomplishments! This is what he calls Law of Accumulation.

I can see that this law applied to many of the great leaders that I know. First, they LOVE the products and business opportunity. Second, they made a firm commitment to succeed. Third, they committed to the ACTION PLAN that eventually brought them their end goal.

It is not difficult to discover that they all have different stages of success! For example, a couple started as  “ordinary” distributors, stepped up to take massive action and became Distributor of the Year. They went on to become a Diamond (Leadership Rank) … then years later, International Distributor of the Year!

Did this couple made the decision to succeed, went out and take action for a short while and

expected success overnight? over a week? over a month? over just a year?

Success is a JOURNEY !

Little baby success breeds more success!


I have also discovered that the more we do the REAL networking, listening, asking, following up, etc, the better we are. Our experiences do not come overnight! It gathers momentum as we take more and more daily action.

The good news about network marketing is that it is a simple business. Once you have that successful recruitment, you need to repeat the Success Step again and again!

Likewise, as soon as you have developed the ability to teach your new team members to go through the process of actually DOING network marketing, all you have to do is to repeat this Success Step with your second, third, fourth, etc key business builders.



Every success people is able to tell you the Success Steps that eventually lead them to the final glory!

In the story that Brian shared with us, we see successful people shine …. and thought that we have to possess certain personal qualities to make us great.

You may be pondering….ARE LEADERS BORN?

The answer is obvious! The success people are once ‘failures’ and even ‘hopeless’!

What make them successful is their own personal power of consistency and commitment!


I’d love to hear your story!

Would you like to share with us a story that has inspired you to take consistent efforts towards your goal?


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