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It is now towards the end of the year. I think it is appropriate to conclude my recent blog posts about Network Marketing Mindset Success Tips with this one that I have learned from Jeffrey Combs.

I have learned from Jeff’s tapes that he is a very disciplined person. He owes his success to really knowing what he wants. He wants to be successful in his own network marketing enterprise. He has had 14 years’ battling with drug and alcohol abuse issues from age 18 to 32. Then, he had another 8 years of MLM Success Journey before earning 1.2 million in 18 months.

I benefit from The Psychology of Prospecting series the most. It is presented by him and his wife Lisa Kitter Combs.  They talk about many aspects of doing network marketing by sharing tips about discipline, time management, where to ATTRACT the right “Prosperity Partners” into out business, etc. While these practical tips are extremely useful, Jeff also emphasizes on the intangible elements of network marketing tips – The Success Mindset. He joked that when he was $65,000 in debt, he was considering himself already successful inside his mind! 


Jeff shares that we must get very clear on what do we want to accomplish. For example, if we want to attract leaders into our business enterprise, we have to become one first. He suggests listing out  31 Success Qualities that a leader has and visualizes that we are attracting into our reality that type of leaders. It is a process called  ‘envisioning’ that he uses to assist many of his client to become successful. His suggestion is to do this for 30 days!

ENVISIONING Success in Sports

I must admit that I have not tried the envisioning technique for 30 days in a row. I did try that occasionally though. I thought I heard other sport stars mentioned this technique before and searched for this in YouTube. Here is one video clip from Dre Baldwin that I believe is a good one:


Network Marketing is similar to Playing a Game or Sport. The skills that we have learned and the efforts that we have put into practice will not bring us success overnight. As Jeff always says “Success is a Journey”.

Ask  this Empowering Question: 

What do I need to DO daily in order that I will be closer to my goal?

Besides doing your daily routine, maybe you would like to consider adding this Envisioning Strategy to your schedule in 2012?

To YOUR Success Goal Getting in 2012 and Beyond!

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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