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On this last day of 2011, I would like to talk about something Jonathan Budd was reflecting earlier this month in his blog. The biggest lessons I have learned from his blog are summarized here:

1.  “Life is a journey” to GROW – Whatever our goals, why not just ENJOY the journey right now? Embracing the mistakes and challenges are part of this journey… and we grow and evolve constantly!

2. Get Started – No need to procrastinate ; there is no need to be perfect. It is about moving forward.

3. Meaning of Failure – Jonathan states, “you fail if you quit. You pass if you never stop

4. Having a Clear Vision – you will Stay COMMITTED because you have the ‘willing to do what it takes’ attitude. “No true entrepreneur in their right mind would ever give up on their vision.” — Jonathan Budd.

5. No Excuses – Jonathan calls it “in pursuit of a better solution” after months of disheartened efforts in clicking ads in Traffic Swarm. He INSTANTLY moved on! The constant reflection by Jonathan allows him to LEARN and EVOLVE….earning over $13 million dollars from scratch in just 5 years eventually!

You can read Jonathan’s full article on his Key Reflections here:

The late Steve Jobs also explained the Rules Of Success emphasizing the importance of PASSION. 


So Get Started OR Stay Focused (whichever your situation is)…and

Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dream in 2012!

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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