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Dear friends,

In the last two blog posts, I have covered some practical methods relating to how to master our mindset. I ‘d love to hear your feedback if you have ever had any success with those strategies.

Today, I would like to talk about the importance of a Positive Environment for mindset change. What do I mean for positive environment? Here are the essential practical activities that you need to be engaged in so that when challenges arise, you have the ability to stay focused and in control:

1)  Attending  All  Company Events –

When you are surrounded by like-minded people with the same passion and values, it is more     likely that you would be encouraged to stay in your MLM family. A good MLM Company shares its Mission and Vision with all the distributors,The supportive environment can help you stay focused. Business testimonials can help you build your belief. Nothing is more powerful than watching the rise of  ‘ordinary’ distributors reaching new heights! It is even more powerful when you hear real life success story after story at Conventions!

2) Attending All Team Meetings & Trainings –

While actually going through the process of doing network marketing is the best way to learn, there is an important point in attending team meetings. In a team, members encouraging each other to stay focused and cheering each others for various milestones. With team members bring in guests (and later signing up new members), there is amazing team energy. It helps team members to believe that their individual blueprint is do-able.

3)  Having a Great Mentor-

This is like having someone to hold your hand and guide you through the pitfalls that you may encounter along your Success Journey. A great mentor is able to ‘demand’  a willing student to tap into great resources.  Successful steps, no matter how small, would be recognized… step-by-step, the journey would be easier and easier. The mentor’s consistent comment “You can do it!” can mean a lot to someone who is in doubt.

4)  Personal Development – 

It is crucial that a serious network marketer would commit himself (or herself) to at least 30 minutes daily in personal development. Reading books, listening to empowering audio tapes and CDs or watching DVDs…. whatever your style is.

My Personal Story – Mindset strongly anchored!

I’d like to share with you my personal story here. When I was asked by my sponsor to tap into Dani Johnson’s training every day for 30 days, I resisted the idea. The main excuse was that I simply did not have the time! Nevertheless, I listened to the audio whenever possible. For example, I listened to CDs whilst driving, doing ironing, preparing dinner, etc. Even though I had not do the ‘mental cleanse’ for a straight 30-day circle, I did commit to a period of about 2-3 months. Guess what? It worked! I noticed that I became  more focused and ‘unstoppable’.

5)  Visualizing The End Goal – with all our five senses!

I must admit that I have not tried this strategy before. Yet, many leaders advocate this one. I am wondering if I might get some feedback from someone who have tried this technique?

What works for you? Please share your ideas.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach



Queen of Hearts

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