Network Marketing Success Tips – Visualization

In the last three blogs, I have introduced a number of practical tips for people to implement in order to stay focused (that network marketing will work for them). If you have not had a chance to read those blogs, you may wish to do so after reading this one.

Today, I am going to talk about a well-known technique called Visualization. Many successful leaders may have mentioned this technique to you. The reality is, many people tend to use logic to judge if this technique is worth trying. I must admit that I have always been a logical person, a thinker. It would not have surprised you that I have not tried this technique.

You may find yourself asking:

Why do you advocate this technique if you yourself have not had any positive experience with it?

My answer is short and simple:
Many successful leaders mentioned this one. Maybe it is worthwhile exploring it?

I am a Type A personality person – meaning: I am looking at results and the bottom line. I would like to share this story with you so that you can make an intelligent decision if visualization is something you may want to practize daily:

If visualization has helped Morris Goodman (The Miracle Man) to recover from a near-death experience, maybe there is something intangible about THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION that human beings have not quite fully understand at this stage?

For those of you who have done training relating to the power of the subconscious mind would probably not be surprised at all about Morris Goodman’s outcome.

Eventually when Morris’ doctor said that he could not believe that Morris could walk again, this is what Morris replied:

“I never believed a minute it couldn’t be done” 

I would leave this answer for you to ponder…. and decide for yourself what do you want to accomplish in 2012. I would love to hear from you when I announce my Global Business Expansion Plan in January 2012. Meanwhile, decide what you want and choose some of the strategies to help you achieve yourSuccess Mindset! 

Personally, I benefited a lot by immersing myself in motivational tapes and books. What is working for you? What do you feel may best help you?


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach


Queen of Hearts

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