Network Marketing Success Tips – Why Marketing?

I have found out that network marketing is similar to baking a cake. You can have a cake alright if you have the basic ingredients. Yet, to be able to bake a GREAT quality cake that looks and tastes great, there are ‘secrets’ that needed to be followed.

In network marketing, do you want to bake an ordinary cake? Or, do you want to bake an extra-ordinary one? This is something that you may want to ponder as we are heading towards 2012.

Using this analogy, I would like to share the ‘secrets’ for massive network marketing success. There are 5 essential ingredients, all relating to marketing!

Why Marketing?

1) Success in Marketing Mindset

In network marketing, we absolutely need to have this Success in Marketing Mindset. We have to understand that network marketing is NOT about abusing the personal relationships with friends and/or relatives in order to earn money. Rather, it is about YOU loving your products and/services so much that you cannot bear not to share with others.  If you have the slightest doubt that what you are promoting is unethical or un-professional, you will not get excellent results. Why would someone want to use your products or services if you yourself do not truly believe that they can benefit in joining you?

2) Effective Marketing Strategies

No-one gets paid if there is no sale of products or services. A professional network marketer must have enough people to market to. Effective strategies for generating leads must be in place. In traditional marketing, this is done by advertising and word-of mouth (referral). At this internet age, there are many additional marketing strategies using social media. It is so much easier for network marketers to promote ourselves using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Even referral can be done much easier with a few clicks!

3) Easy to Duplicate Marketing System

The power of network marketing lies not only in our ability to recruit members to our team. For the power of leverage to kick in, there must be a simple and easy Marketing System that an average person can follow (and duplicate). Without such a system, the whole marketing model is “Direct Sales”. Although this is a type of direct sales with a twist (as team members re-order, we would get paid again), there is no comparison to a true Network Marketing business.

For example, if we have recruited 10 people in our front line, in direct sales, we will get the repeat pay as those 10 people re-order. In network marketing, those 10 people may have shared with others (who have also shared with others). This means that the team can grow to 100 or more in a relatively short period of time! This is the power of leverage!

4) Marketing Time

In network marketing, we are paid for our results. No sales, no pay. Market a little bit, some pay. Market a lot (and doing it right), a lot of pay. Professionals must devote at least 80% of their time in actually DOING marketing. This can be adjusted as the team grows. The more people that we help to develop into a leader, the less time we do the direct recruiting.

5) Marketing Skills

Many people believe that this is not as important as the others  I would argue that this skill is essential! If their skills level is not there yet, new members will find themselves going out and doing all the above but not really getting results. It is like connecting with a lot of people but getting no sign ups.


I know that missing any of these ingredients can hurt your business.

So, take charge and get massive results in 2012!


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Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

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