Not to take “No” Personally

Network marketers who first joined this industry have to realize that mastering the internal dialogue is the most important first hurdle to overcome. With a solid belief that network marketing is a legitimate business model that can literally change people’s lives in a few years’ time, new people would be willing to learn the skills mentioned in my last blog. However, mastery of new skill sets is not an overnight job. Many people who have failed to work on their ‘internal dialogue’ will come to doubt their ability to succeed when faced with challenges in their network marketing journey. If you find yourself struggling or wanting to give up trying, it is likely that there are still negative thoughts that you need to challenge.

Network marketers who truly understand that ‘Success is a Process’ will stay focused and refine their skills as they go out and talk to people about the products or opportunity they are promoting. There are people who are interested but there are also people who are not! The ability to remain confident that what you have been doing is on track is very important. Professional network marketers do not take ‘No’ personally.

If people do not show interest in the products or opportunity, reflect on if you have been successful in getting the prospects open up to you and talk freely about their hopes and dreams. Prospects say ‘No’ because of many reasons. Maybe the timing is not right for them; maybe other things are higher on their priority list. You as a professional network marketer helps them see what is available by establishing relationship and meaningful conversations with them but accept their decision by respecting their individual circumstances.

When prospects made an intelligent decision to say ‘No’, the ability to bounce back is crucial. You may say, ‘Hey, Viola, This is no secret!’. So, HOW are we going to stay focused and bounce back? My advice is to focus on ‘Success is in the Process’. As long as you have mastered the skills in connecting, listening and asking questions, success will come as a natural consequence.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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