One Minute Presentation – Lesson Learned from ‘Big Al’

Alright! Here comes the famous ‘One Minute Presentation’ that I learned from the legendary Network Marketing trainer Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. I have written a post on WHY is it that a One Minute Presentation is important. Click here for more if you want to read that post first.

The One Minute Presentation

This is my version of the one minute presentation. Big thank you to Big Al 🙂

If you would like to earn $200 dollars a month, you need to do these 3 things:

No. 1. Don’t change. Continue to recommend thing you like to others as you have always been doing.  Like recommending your favourite restaurant, favourite movie, baby-sitter…

No. 2. We are in the nutrition industry. We have this amazing mineral drink that can help people to get more energy. They are great for people who have challenges swallowing pills. They can wake up an hour earlier and still have lots of energy in the evening!

No. 3.  All you have to do is to share this amazing drink with others who also like to have more energy but hate to swallow pills. Some time in your life time, you find 3 other people who feel the same way and love to share with others. Then you will earn an extra $200 a month.

Super-Simple Closes

Big Al has these Million-daollar 3 SUPER SIMPLE closes for you to choose:

1. Well, what do you think?

2. Well, the rest is up to you.

3. That’s it!

These may sound too good to be true. My suggestion is that you only have to test it!

Tom and his team realized that people are busy! To be able to survive in this busy world, we must be concise and to the point! It took Tom and his team seven months to come up with this brilliant One Minute Presentation. His Super Close blends beautifully with the presentation.

My Personal Experience

I remember many years ago, before I was introduced to Big Al, as I turned to the last page of my presentation folder, I said something like that to my friend – ‘And, that’is it!’.

Guess what? When I followed up with her asking her what she liked about what she saw, her reply was that she was happy with what she saw and was ready to get started.

Why was it so easy for me to ‘close’ the sale? 

Tom’s view is that our prospects are adults who can come up with their own decision whether or not to join our Network Marketing business (or use the products or services).  All we need is a fairchance to present what we know. Tom’s secret weapon is about ‘painting a picture’ so that our prospects can see what we see. That was a HUGE eye-opener for me!

I shall cover more about that in my future blog post!

Sharing Time

Do you have something similar to peak the prospect’s interest?

What effective script (if any) are you using to get the prospects in front of a presentation?

If you like Big Al’s template, create your own version. I’d love to hear how you go with it. He shares a number of versions in his CD training set. I will cover a few more examples in my next blog!

I have been handing out CDs, DVDs, websites (3rd party tools) as my way of  ‘Qualifying’ the right prospects into my team. What about you? Any ‘secret’ weapon that you are happy to share?

PS: Recently, I have be blessed to be connected with Eric Worre and got his HOTTEST prospecting script. It is also brief and to the point, leave me a comment requesting that I you want to have a copy of that. I am pretty sure he is happy for me to spread his great work. You can also connect to his Go Pro Academy page here.

Queen of Hearts

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