Why ‘One Minute Presentation’?

In my last blog post, I mentioned about Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s One Minute Presentation. I would like to explain a little bit why I found this approach powerful.

My Mistakes at the Beginning

When I first started sharing the products with others, I ran in a terrible mistake. I WAS absolutely passionate about the efficacy of the products. No doubt about it. 

What I did  then (some 9 years ago) can be described as ‘Verbal Vomit’, a very cool term that I first heard in Todd Falcone’s training audio.

Our team had been focusing on literally studying the products so well that we could be considered a freelance health adviser. We could suggest others which product(s) to take and which ingredients are probably good for our health. Our company also focuses on avoiding potentially harmful ingredients in our personal care, skin care and dental product ranges. We were excited being able to teach others how to recognize the weird names of those harmful chemicals.Could you possibly imagine the excitement when I realized that I DO have some control over my health – from the outside AND inside?

We had the  tendency to teach others how to read the labels in the bottles of shampoos and conditioners. We were mums! We care about protecting our children. My sponsor used to be angry about the fact that potentially harmful ingredients could be allowed in those bottles.

My ‘verbal vomit’ started as I began sharing my daughter’s own recovery journey.It then went on as we picked up more and more stories (testimonials) from attending the meetings.

Excellent Presentation

I still remember vividly how we were impressed with the company’s presentation. More and more testimonials were collected. We began to comply categories of amazing, and even life-transforming stories. At the end of the meeting, we were excellent and inspired. We were in the right company. We knew that we NEEDED to share the health messages with our loved ones.

Big problem!

It was so hard for us (a group of stay-at-home mums) to attend the hotel meetings which were held in the evening! While we could see the reason for ‘making the time’ to attend the meeting, the majority of other mums did not seem to see the justification in leaving home for a meeting after a whole day’s work.

At the end of each meeting, this little group led by my stay-at-home ‘leader’ would typically say this: only if I could invite (name of friends or relatives) to this meeting…

What Is The Point? 

It really doesn’t matter how great the company is, how life-changing or ‘cutting edge’ the products are, it is completely USELESS if we cannot even invite others to review the information!

I am impressed with ‘Big Al’s approach.

First, approaching people professionally and using the right language – so that others DO open to listen more.

Second, learning all the basics of connecting and prospecting – so that even BRAND NEW distributors will be able to do Network Marketing confidently.

Third, relying heavily on tools (books, CDs, DVDs or websites) to do the explaining – so that the least articulate team members can still do the job well once the basics skills are mastered.

One Minute Presentation

Before I go into ‘Big Al’s trademark ‘One Minute Presentation’ in my next post, I would love to hear your view.

Have you had similar challenges as mine? What about ‘Verbal Vomit’? Guilty of that too? I estimate a good 95 percent of excited distributors will fall into this horrible trap!

If you do have a ‘one Minute Presentation’ or something similar in your Team System, would you mind sharing?

Sharing Spirit

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