“Paradigm Shift” – Lessons Learned from Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is the Featured Mentor of the Month for March.

Who is Mark Yarnell?

A legendary leader who has earned over 30 million through Network Marketing! He has been honored and recognized internationally with numerous awards in the industry, including the American Dream Award, and was named the Greatest Networker in the World by Upline Magazine.

He has been indoctrinated into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame and has founded and supported a variety of charitable organizationsHe is the author of the famous book “The First Year in Network Marketing”.

Find out more about him here:


Here are some of the most important MLM Success Tips that I learned from his audio tape


In 1996, Mark summarized the then cutting edge scientific  findings about how our brains work. A few years ago, when I was listening to his concepts about unconscious compentency, I was pleasantly delighted!


He talked about the majority of about 97% of people doing Network Marketing being ‘unconsciously incompetent’ – meaning that they are NOT competent but NOT KNOWING that they are not!

I was NOT in that group as I knew that I had mastered enough skills to connect, invite and recruit people into my buisness. This was evident from the small group of team members that I had been able to establish through hard work. I knew that if I could recruit one person, I could recruit many others.

BUT most of my team members were not doing what I was doing! I was genuinely puzzled!

Our team had all the access to the basic training books, tapes and CDs. We had regular training and supportive team meetings. Ongoing success stories from Corpoarte Events and numerous testimonials among team members and other people whom we had helped were shared … but NOT much “duplication” happening! I was puzzled and started on a journey of creating my own system that can be easily duplicated. I thought that with a simpler system, my team would do a lot better as they duplicate what worked for me.

WRONG move! I ended up spinning the wheels for about a year trying to figure out how to organize all the tips from variuos leaders into a few simple systems for my team members to follow.

Mark Yarnell Soved The Problem!

Mark further explained in his training tape that for those 97% of networkers, no among of motivational books, CDs, workshops or mentoring can possibly bring them to a success mindset because of the early wiring (research based on the latest findings from the neuroscience field, quoting Dr, Albert Bandura). I am not going deep into the science of brain wiring here. However, Bandura’s research covers the paramount role of self-regulatory mechanisms relying on internal standards and self-influence in human self-development, adaptation, and change. In brief, it is about how early repetitve statements can built erroneous beliefs. And, these built-in mechanism then become our reality. We would screen out any data that are conflicting to the existing beliefs.

For example, if we believe that “Money is evil”, any attempt to accumulate great wealth will be a conflicting idea. Our brain mechanism would automatically reject any ideas relating to wealth creation!How Can A Person Go From the 97% to the 3% ?

According to the scientific findings, it is EASY. If we have erroneous beliefs that are NOT serving us, we only have to make ‘Paradigm Shifts’.

You may ask “How can a person MAKE such a Paradigm Shift?”

Mark stated that paradigm change easily through repetitive self-talk.

He concluded that once the original ‘mental blocks’ in our mind had been removed, and new paradigms built in, sky is the limit!

Here are some key Paradigm Shifts that Mark mentioned. It is recommended that we repeat it 10 times a day:

1)  dramatic wealth is a virtue

2)  I am open and receptive to any ideas and people who will help me achieve my dramatic wealth

3)  I am worth _______ a month (Mark suggested $100,000)

4) Through perservance, I am creating a financial dynasty that I so richly deserve

Mark’s awesome insight – that some of us may reject the idea that this would work!

The GOOD news is we DO NOT even have to believe that this technique works! We just have to do it!

BONUS from Mark Yarnell

I have discovered a powerful personal message from Mark that could empower people to think about their financial future. Check it out here:


NOW, About YOU:

Have you reviewed your Internal Belief System?

Have your gone through the Paradigm Shift that Mark mentioned?

If  your answer is ‘yes’, I’d love to hear your success journey!

If  your answer is ‘no’, my challenge to you is to consider “WHY NOT?”

Do you have the RIGHT paradigm in place?  Or, you are rejceting ideas because of erroneous beliefs that have been in your mind for decades?

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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