Predicting Success with a MLM Success Mindset

If you have been in Network Marketing (alternatively known as Multilevel Marketing or MLM), you have probably heard about the terrible failure rate! That may leave many people wondering whether it is a career worthwhile pursuing.

FACT:  Plenty of MLM Success Stories

Thanks to the long history of Network Marketing and the internet. It is undeniable that many people from humble or even disadvantaged background made it to the top in Network Marketing. People from all walks of life, different ethic groups, educational backgrounds and a wide range of family backgrounds have succeeded! Many of them are alive and well.

They seemed to have ‘cracked the secret code’ for success!

THE SECRET: MLM Success is Predictable when the Mindset is Right

You may be wondering:

 “What mindset?”

“Isn’t it true that we need to be the ‘sales type’ in order to do the job well?”

“Can’t we just learn all the communication, sales and closing skills so that we can get on with the job of recruiting others into our organization?”

THE TRUTH:  No Right Mindset =  No MLM Success

Millionaire Mindset = Predictable MLM Success

This is serious!

Without the MLM Success Mindset (Millionaire Mindset as many people call it), some people will not even explore the opportunity!

Without the MLM Success Mindset, some people will join a MLM but procrastinate forever!

Without the MLM Success Mindset, some people will be in the learning mode forever!

Without the MLM Success Mindset, some people will quit before they have mastered all the basic skills!

Without the MLM Success Mindset, some people will be spinning the wheels and getting nowhere!

Predictably, they will quit sooner or later!

Before I go, I’d love to share the insight from Financial Success Expert T. Harv Eker!




In the next post, I shall be sharing with you ALL the ingredients that you must have in order to have a smooth Success Journey in Network Marketing.


Lacking any of the ingredients in the MLM Success Checklist will hinder or jeopardize the success of your Network Marketing Business.  Stay tuned for my next post on that topic!


As always, I would appreciate your experiences and insights.

I look forward to hearing from you in the Comments area!


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach




Queen of Hearts

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