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This blog is written for people who have the REASON to do well in Network Marking (Multi-level Marketing or MLM).

Whether you are a new comer or have had experiences in this industry, here are some legitimate concerns:
Challenge No. 1

I heard that the success rate is very low in this industry, I am not sure if it is worthwhile to invest my time, energy and effort into a 3-5 year project that many MLM leaders promise. about.

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Challenge No. 2

I knew someone who has built a very successful MLM empire but that organization has shrunk. That is, the income stream promised by so many MLM companies may not be sustainable after all.

Challenge No.3

Even though you can enrol distributors into the organization, the number of team members leaving is high. Meaning that there is challenge in growing the organization.

Dream-Driven Business

Let’s look at all those concerns from from the perspective of a MLM seeker. For a person who is serious about MAKING it work, there is absolutely no reason that he or she cannot learn the skills to make it work.

When the dream is strong enough, all challenges along the way to success are just stepping stones. That is, Challenge No. 1 will NOT remain an issue as one moves along.

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When one is following a success team with proven steps and systems in place, every step in the learning process is predictable!

Challenge after challenge can be tackled.

Customer-Driven Business

When a MLM company has products or services that are in demand, there are always people who will be using the products or services.

The key is WHERE to find those potential customers and HOW to market to them.

Hence, for building a sustainable MLM business, the customer base must be solid. This means that there should be lots of customers who are members of the MLM company NOT because they love to build a business. They just LOVE the products/services!

Those are the best promoters of the products or services.

Big Secret

Some simply want to share beautiful personal experiences with their friends and relatives. They may share with a few and are able to get heavily discounted for the products that they buy (because of the reward points or small commission that they get).


For some, seeing the business opportunity, they may choose to build a side-business part time. This is ideal for stay-at-home mums or part-time employees.

Building a Distribution Empire

There are some people who prefer to build the distribution network more strategically towards their goals of financial freedom. For them, how to avoid the trap of enrolling new members and then losing them?

The most important first step is to enrol the RIGHT potential leaders into the organization.

Every great MLM leaders started with at least one other new team member who also believed in to power of the 3-5 year plan.

Nurturing Talent Concept

That is, by working closely with the aspiring leader and adhering to the proven system, there is ‘LEVERAGE’.

When there is leverage, there is momentum.

When there is momentum, there is massive growth in the organization.

That is why an empire can be built in a 3-5 year period with just a few key potential leaders to start with.

No drama.

Success Tips

My greatest advice is – seriously consider those 3 common challenges and make a decision yourself.

A decision whether to face those challenges and do it right….OR, simply allow yet another opportunity to pass by.

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