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In my last three blog posts, I have covered some wonderful prospecting tips and insights that I have learned from Tom Challan through attending his Recruiting Bootcamp. Click here if you would like to start from the first of these blogs. Today, I am going to share my own insights regarding why I feel that Tom’s training is awesome.

Training Doesn’t Work!

Having been in the network marketing industry for so many years, I have come across a lot of people who were unable to enrol ANYONE into their network markeing business. I am not talking about those people who had no desire and did very little. I am talking about the category that did attend all sorts of trainings!

These may be corporate training sessions on product knowledge, mindset, skills development, leadership, etc. Leaders often provide excellent training and support for their team members. Nonetheless, there are people who just seemed to have missed SOME crucial ingredients. Apparently, all the trainings that they have had did not work!


I noticed that those are network marketers who focused too much on getting the job done perfectly. Their concerns ranged from not having the perfect mindset, not having the ideal sponsor, not having the right script, the right way of handling a prospect’ objection or concerns to a whole bunch of other matters!

For network marketers in that category, no training can work for them!

Network marketing is about doing a few key steps at a good enough standard and repeating and refining those key steps.

For a network marketer who buy into the myth of starting when EVERYTHING is right will suffer!

As the infamous Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says, Training DOES’T work!

What Does Work?

The magic is in the DOING!

Like learning any other professional skills, learning through ACTUALLY DOING the essential tasks works the best!

Think about going to a heart surgeon. Do you want to be operated by a heart surgeon who gets straight As in all his examination but just bearly passed the practical element? Would you rather have a surgeon that has average grade but with a lot of real life experience in operating on patients?

Likewise, to become a network marketing professional, we need to be ‘in the game’. Go and connect with people. Talk to people. Find out people’s needs and concerns. Prospect them when appropriate. Follow up. Enrol them (when the timing is right). REFINE. REFINE. REFINE….. (forever)!

Many network marketers, for one reason or another, just feel a lot more comfortable in JUST attending the training sessions as mentioned.

Some would choose to step up and do role play with follow team members and being mentored by their leaders. If you have a leader who can commit the time and energy in developing your skills, you are in good hands. However, some network marketers, like myself, bumped into this industry. Without a good training and support system, you will fall into all sorts of traps! Many then become the casualties in this industry!

For those of you who have a super-strong desire to be successful, some external help is needed. This is where Tom’s Bootcamp can help!

The ultimate and BEST way to make it work is to practise on real people.  Some people may find this too daunting! That is when Tom’s role playing and personal coaching can defintiely help. You will  get feedback on the level of connecting. Is the conversation going deep enough? Is the tone right? What about how the other person might feel?

Role playing with Tom has given me insights into the dynamics of a phone conversation.

After even more real life practising, I am now even more convinced that it is the actual doing that can bring about great results. No fear! No feeling of unease. No feeling of being hurt.

The focus is 100 percent on doing the job (prospecting) well. No agenda at all but to connect, build rapport and see if there is a fit between what the prospect wants and what we can offer. SIMPLE and SWEET 🙂

One Secret Weapon

Tom Challan is BIG on conveying the message that he is not to make a lot of money by enrolling others. He expressed to the prospect from the heart that he only get to paid well by helping him (or her) to be successful. Having initially established rapport and trust, this is a killer strategy! People are more open to hear what you can offer to assist them!

Personally, I like to add two lines that I learned from my previous mentor – “This may or may not be for you. It is definitely not for everyone.”

I then add “depending on what your response to the information, we will determine whether or not we will work together as a team.”

My experience is that with such level of transparency, prospects are more likely to answer the phone when we do the follow up call. They are more receptive to the idea of being in touch again if the timing is not right for them.

Prospecting Gems For Sharing?

I would love to hear what ‘secret weapon’ have you got relating to prospecting.

I would appreciate if your ‘secret’ can be shared with others who may be less experienced than you. I trust that the Universe will reward you in sharing.

Feel free to share this on other social media platforms if you like what you have read.

Viola Tam

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