Prospecting Your Way to MLM Success

I started October’s blog with the the spotlight on the master on MLM prospecting, Tom Challan. I have subsequently written a few blog posts relating to prospecting tips and success mindset. If you have missed those articles, you may want to click here to start your journey.

Today, I am going to talk about ‘Prospecting Your Way to MLM Success’. What this means is that to be successful in Network Marketing (MLM), you must be good at prospecting! The quality of the new team members matters. Many novice network marketers are so concerned about enrolling people that they fall into one of these common traps:

* chasing after friends and/or relatives – without first finding out if they need AND want our products or business opportunity.

* telling mode – without leaving much room for listening and finding out the prospects’ need and desires.

* lecturing mode – sounding much like  a scientist or a researcher – something that not everyone can do well…and is definitely not easily duplicated.

* over-selling – often focusing on their OWN reasons for using the products or joining the business – without realizing that we are all uniquely different.

You can probably tell that these common mistakes are the OPPOSITE of what Tom Challan teaches.

We do not chase our prospects. Instead, we ask questions and listen for desire and commitment levels.

We do not tell. Instead, we share the benefits of having the products or opportunity.

We do not lecture. Instead, we communicate in a focused and t0-the-point style. The prospects feel our professional approach and are often more relaxed in this interview-style prospecting.

We do not over-sell. Instead, we are transparent and let the prospect know that we do not simply want to enrol them. We want them to be successful in building a strong and solid network marketing empire.

The message is loud and clear: I do not make a lot of money by enrolling you. I only make a lot of money by helping you to be successful.

This ‘Your Success is My Success’ message can only be perceived by our prospects when there is trust established DURING the prospecting journey.

Path to Greatness

If you would like to know prospecting the Tom Challan way, click here

By really connecting with our prospects and building trust, we have created a foundation for a 2-way prospecting process

When our product or business opportunity fits in what our prospcets need AND want, our propsects may choose to start the MLM Journey with us.

When they trust our ability to deliver – lead them to realize their goals and dreams – they will enrol. And…. that is when they step up to own their life. They are stepping into their GREATNESS!

Contribution Time

Have you got any special insights to share in your MLM Success Journey?

What is your best experience doing prospecting effectively (and enrolling quality potential leaders)?

Any special secrets that you are happy to share?

I’d love to hear your story!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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