Prospecting Secrets I Learned From Tom Challan

Welcome back to another blog post on MLM Success Tips I learned from Tom Challan! If you would like to read my last post, please click here.

Prospecting is a vital skill in network marketing. Amongst those network marketers who eventually quit, some have not recruited even one person!

Specific People Skill for Prospecting

Tom Challan believes that there is difference between having good people skill and having good people skill specifically for prospecting.

I could not agree more with this statement!

I had reasonably good people skill when I first bumped into network marketing. I was well liked by many friends. Yet, I lacked the people skill needed specifically for prospecting! I could not even enrol one person in my first 13 months!

Big lesson! A strong desire for helping others and passion for the products cannot bring about results!

What is needed? People skill specifically for prospecting as mentioned by Tom!

Tom shares his TREMENDOUSLY successful recruiting secret here:

Ask ‘Genuinely Curious Natural Good Questions’ (GCNGQ).

The prospecting tips is to put the spotlight 100 percent on the prospect. By asking genuinely curious questions that are focused on the needs and concerns of the prospect, instant rapport is established. The ‘like and trust’ factor needed to be there for the prospect to reveal deeper feelings and concerns to us.

 Picking Up Clues

A network marketer knows what benefits the products or business opportunity can offer to the prospect.

Yet, is the prospect willing to open up to the network marketer?

What about trusting you enough to enrol in your network marketing organization?

Tom teaches us to pick up clues for these:

1) Is the prospect a quality person who deserve our time and energy?

2) What are the prospects concerns?

3) What is the ‘hot button’? That is, what does the prospect desire the most?

In my experience, these are a few of the common hot buttons that people may reveal to us:

Quitting their existing stressful full time job.

Wanting a ‘Plan B’ because of the current economy.

Wanting more quality time with their spouse and children.

No need to worry about not having enough money for retirement.

Examples of ‘GCNGQ’

What I’d like to share is this short video training from Tom.

Listen carefully for what Tom calls Genuinely Curious Natural Question!

Please note that at the beginning of this video, he touches on something extremely important too!

It is what he calls ‘Junk in the Trunk’. He is referring to some of our bad habits. Tom believes that bad habits could be hindering a network marketer’s progress.

Do you also have those junk that are hindering or stopping you from achieving your goals?

Isn’t it wise to identify if there are any habits that are not serving you? What about committed to establishing new prospecting habits?

Here is Tom’s video. Enjoy!

Discussion Time

Recall the time that you were a new or a novice network marketer. Have you learned something similar to what Tom shares?

What is the breakthrough for you from struggling to enrolling with ease?

Any particular pitfalls that you would like to share with our readers so that they need to fall into those traps?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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