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Tim Sales’ Communication Qualities were identified as the key factors why some of Tim’s team members were NOT getting the results that Tim were having in Network Marketing even though they were taught The Inviting Formula.  By clearly identifying all the elements that ‘mess things up’, Tim created the Brilliant Communicator CD set which covers all these 10 qualities.

In my view, it is the BEST communication tools in the MLM industry. You may wish to visit Tim’s website for more information. I strongly recommend you to opt-in and download his eBook too.

Here is the last quality that Tim shares:

Pure Intention to Make Other Person’s Life Better

You may recall that Communication Quality No. 1 is to be interested in the prospect. This last quality is the essence and spirit of Tim’s professionalism.

The philosophical idea is that if we DO have the full interest in the prospect and the intention to help to make the other person’s life better, we should have NO PROBLEM at all sticking to the rest of the eight communication qualities.

What is the best part? We simply CANNOT say the wrong thing to the prospects!

Questions to Guide You

Ask ourselves these questions:

1. Why am I here? What is my intention?

2. Do I really believe that the products can make my own life better?

3. Do I really believe that the products can make the other people’s life better?

4.  Can I teach my team members to help others to have a better life?

When the new distributors have the certainty that the products or services that they are promoting can really make other people’s life better, they will be doing it right.

How to Get ‘Certainty’

By having the right focus, intention and skills, distributors will be DOING prospecting right. By getting results, new distributors will start to get more confidence. This in turn feeds the certainty that is needed for success.

Where to get the level of certainty when a new distributor is starting?

Tim believes that attending convention is a great way to REALLY know what the company can offer.

‘What is on Your Mind?’

When helping new distributors in doiung 2-on-1 presentations, Tim likes to ask this question:

What is on your mind?

Truthful answers that are NOT focusing on the prospects include these interesting ones:

* Making money

* Making enough ‘volume’ for the month

* To succeed (say, to win that vacation trip)

* Worrying about saying the wrong thing

* Concerns about not being able to get the prospect’s approval

* Thinking of unrelated matters (say, dreaming of having a romantic realtionship with the prospect)

* Wanting to prove a point (say, how network marketing is not a ‘pyramid scheme’)

* Fulfilling the number of presentation required

ONE Key Question to Ask

Tim recommends writing down all the negative thoughts and ask this one single question:

How is this related to making the other person’s life better?

ONE Focal Point

Tim firmly believes that there would be no businesses unless we have products or services that can make other people’s life better!

Tim also believes that when we give and serve, we will receive.

Any Contribution from YOU?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this focal point.

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