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Hello my friends and visitors to the blog! I am excited about continuing my A-Z series on Network Marketing success tips for stay-at-home mums.  Although the message is purposefully designed to empower stay-at-home mums (or dads), this is certainly a blog post that would benefit anyone who would like to explore more about Network Marketing.

Hope for a Better Future

Everybody knows that the cost of living is rising fast. Having just one single family income may not be the best way to make sure that the kids will be getting the best education in future. In Australia, the cost of attending university is expensive.  Many university students needed to work part time to fund their own education.

Some stay-at-home mums, however, got educated about how to create an extra pay cheque by taking on a part-time business that does not require huge start-up capital.  Some can make more money working part time than their husbands working full time!

Most stay-at-home mums would love to be able to contribute financially to the family’s income.

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Many would love be to be able to able to pay for their kids’ education without worries or stress.

Others would love to have the peace of mind, knowing that the extra pay cheque would help significantly with the lifestyle after retirement.

Honestly, most people have something they would like more in life. 

Why Network Marketing ?

For many stay-at-home mums who want more out of life, they need a plan.

Many choose to earn an active income by finding a part time job or running a small business.

Typically, these mums can earn some extra money but trades the time to be with their family in order to go to work or run the business.

Now compare a career based on earning passive income. What I mean is that you are getting paid on the loyalties of the products or services that you promote.  Over time, you earn money, have more quality time to do the things you love to do in life and have security. By working hard consistently and doing the right steps once, you get paid over and over again as loyal customers re-order. This is the wonder of passive income that no jobs or traditional businesses can provide.

What is extra attractive about Network Marketing is that it does not require a huge start-up capital . There is virtually no risk as there are no stocking up of products.  I place my monthly order of nutritional supplements and personal care products because I genuinely love using them!

There is no headache associated with large rental bills and other overheads. Nor do I have to worry about paying for employees’ wages. No-one in my whole organization is employed by me. We all work as a team, helping to promote the same products. Each of us get our loyalty kind of payment directly from the company.

The size of the pay cheque depends on the amount of businesses that each of us have helped to promote. Simple and fair.

I have found out that Network Marketing is perhaps the best kept secrets from stay-at-home mums!

Can Hope Alone Give You a Better Future?

Definitely not! Hope, however, can set you onto a totally different path than the one that you are heading by default. Once decided to go for this career path, hope is not enough. You do not hope to bump into the right leader. You have to learn the specific skills, skills that can assist others to see that there is a better way.

Questions to Ask Yourself

These are some of the questions that might help you to get your mind clearer:

Lifestyle -Are you living the lifestyle you really want?

Income – Are you satisfied with your current income?

Career – Are you happy with your career prospects (if any)?

Retirement – Are you planning for your retirement?

Financial Independence – Are you going to become financially independent in the next few years (or any time) in your current position?

What is Next?

If you feel that you need to understand more about Network Marketing and how it might help you with improving your life, feel free to download my eBook “Navigating The Network Marketing Maze” by simply filling in your name and email address.

Alternatively, you may want to read some of my previous blog posts to gain a more through insight into this most misunderstood profession. Connect with me on social media platforms and we can talk.

You may also want to leave a comment below for more discussion.  If you have found value in this post, please share generously. All stay-at-home mums deserve to know that there is another way for them to ‘play a bigger game’ in life.

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