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For a while, I have been writing some success tips for stay-at-home mums who may want to explore about Network Marketing. I am having some fun here doing blog posts using the alphabets. If you wish to start from the letter A, you can click here. Otherwise, you can simply read on.

Recap of the 3 Simple Steps

As I mentioned in my last blog, success in Network Marketing requires only 3 simple steps!

(1) Exposing the Products or Business. Some people would be happy to be customers. Others may also wish to take up the option of running a Network Marketing business as well.

(2)’Presenting’ – basically an honest two-way dialogue between two parties – to see if what there is a match with what the prospect is looking for.

(3) Collecting An Informed Decision – Enrolment? Great! If not, there is no begging or chasing…..ever!

Stay-at-home mums, CAN you do those simple steps? YES! If you keep the process simple AND learn the necessary skills.

WILL you take action? You are the only one who know the REAL answer.

Keep It Simple Strategy (K.I.S.S.)

Many industry leaders and trainers have been teaching this. I am going to say it again – KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Network Marketing is nothing more than promoting products and services that we love. Sharing with others should be easy.

Why then is that there are so many ‘failed’ network marketers out there if it is such an easy job?

Stumbling Thought are the main reasons why so many ‘failed’.

What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgn

Stumbling Thoughts?

That is right! Some stumbling thoughts are keeping us from living a GREATER life, a life of owning a meaningful lifestyle business.

Here are some examples:

(1) Network Marketing is NOT an ethical way to make money

This is a HUGE one for many stay-at-home mums who may not have been involved in business before. Some people somehow erroneously believe that it is not ethical to do business with our friends or relatives.

When our friends or relatives provide something of value, why should we not do business with them? Say, there is this nutritional supplement from the market that could not help with your brother’s joint problems. Wouldn’t you want to help him out when you have heard great results of some of YOUR network marketing company’s products? For him, who has been searching for a solution to his problem, do you think he might be more than happy to purchase the product from you and give it a trial?

People do need great products or services. Be blessed that you have something of value to help others.

Why allow the money issue to get into the way of helping your friend or relatives?

(2) I Don’t Think I Can Sell

Industry leader Tom ‘Big A” Schreiter’s view on this is absolutely awesome!

I am paraphrasing here: We are all doing Network Marketing every day but…. we just didn’t get paid for!

I challenge you to think of the number of times you have referred people to other products or services in the past month. Great movies, favourite singers, restaurant with great food, etc….

What about the TOTAL number of recommendations you have made in a year? In your whole life?

Recently, I went to a great yum cha place for a a ladies’ lunch get together. After that experience, I recommended it to my husband and daughter who is living with us. We went there last week and had a great experience. Do I get paid for doing all the promoting for the Chinese restaurant? NO!  Did I ‘sell’ ? YES! My husband is keen to ‘sell’ too!

I recall promoting my business networking group to many others because I get value out of it.  Three of my friends ended up joining the group. They could not thank me enough for doing that. Do I get paid for doing all the promoting? YES this time!! The 4Networking Group is smart enough to take on the initiative of rewarding its members. I got paid for my one month’s membership for each of the successful promotion. Isn’t that FUN doing this kind of ‘selling’? 

(3) I Don’t Think I Have Time To Do This

Young sleeping woman and alarm clock in bedroom at home.

I trust that by now, you have probably picked up that Network Marketing is something that can be integrated into our lives.  A professional network marketer can CHOOSE to ‘do’ network marketing any day. Any time. Anywhere. 

Having said that, a PROFESSIONAL network marketer would not be ‘presenting’ without first finding out if the other person has the need AND want to know more about the products or business opportunity. In the case of the business networking group that I mentioned earlier, I would continue to promote the groups to my friends who would love to do more business networking!

For a stay-at-home mums, going for business networking may be not what you want. That is fine! I network because I love meeting entrepreneurial minded people for possible joint ventures. I also love to have more exposure and referrals for my business.

For stay at home mums with younger children, you can do what I did years ago. Connect with friends and relatives one-on-one and share when appropriate. Call others by phone and meet up for a friendly chat one-on-one or in small group setting. There are a lots of easy and proven ways to get the business going. One size doesn’t fit all.

Wisdom From Industry Leader

Industry leader Tim Sales has included some cool answers to 11 of the common concerns that one might have when exploring Network Marketing as a way to generate an additional stream of income from home. I strongly recommend others to take a serious look. You can click here for his million dollar advice and success tips. He also reveals the secrets of the wealthy people. You are going to love this! Simply fill in your email address for instant access. There will be a few email messages from Tim afterwards. He will continue to provide you with great insights!

Sharing YOUR Simplicity Method(s)

If you are in network marketing and have some level of success, I would love to have your contribution so that others can get am ‘insider’ glimpse at how network marketing actual work.

Even if you are not a stay-at-home mum, it is okay to share. The professional way of doing network marketing is universal. There is no gender difference.

All comments are welcome.

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