Stay-at-Home Mums – O for Options in Life

Some time ago, I have written a post about how a stay-at-home mum may be able to contribute more to the family. If you have not read that post of mine, you can click here.

You may be wondering why do we need more options in life if life is good. The answer is simple. Life is unpredictable. Having just one source of income may not be the best way to keep the ‘happy days’ going in case anything goes wrong.

Am I a pessimist? Definitely not! 

Imagine these scenarios:

your husband’s company is struggling in the volatile economy, there is a real chance that he will be retrenched

your husband is having tremendous stress at work because of the long EXTRA hours that he needs to put into his work in order to keep his job

your husband is strike by cancer or other debilitating illnesses that is compromising his ability to continue working

your husband has an accident that is causing him the job. He can no longer bring in the regular weekly income for months

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You got an idea. It does not take a genius to realize that may be it is wiser to generate another income stream as a financial safety net.

Some Mums Have More Options

Typically, those women who have been in the workforce have an advantage.

I know ex-corporate stay-at-home mums who have successfully started their own consultancy or training businesses by harnessing their business knowledge and skills.

I also know passionate stay-at-home mums taking up new ventures such as personal coaching, fitness training, website design, arts and crafts, hand-made jewallery, etc

There are, of course, those stay-at-home mums who have already accumulated enough wealth to embark on other investments such as shares or properties.

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What Happened to This Category?

Stay-at-home mums who have not been working since the birth of their first child.

What options do stay-at-home mums have if  they are not highly educated or having special business skills’?

What options do they have if they too wish to take control of their financial future and their life?

Having a job typically would mean leaving kids to day-care or after-school care. Some stay-at-home mums would consider that too much of a compromise as they want to be there for the kids.

Most people would take up part-time jobs that they can do whilst the kids are at school or businesses that can be done from home.

Network Marketing as Another Option?

Given that the investment for a network marketing business is typically very low, it is easy for any stay-at-home mums to get started.

Generally speaking, the overhead is also very low. Very often, the ‘investment’ is actually the money that she would normally spent on other brands.

If flexible working hours and the above mentioned advantages are what your desire, here is a link that you can click for more information. Industry leader Tim Sales has also included 11 video clips to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Feedback From YOU

I would love to hear from you if you are a network marketer. If you are also a stay-at-home mum, what were some of the the initial challenges?

If you are NOT in this industry, I would love to hear YOUR way of adding another family income too.

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