Stay-at-Home Mums – Q for Quitting is NOT an Option

I talked about the importance of having a Prosperity Mindset in  my last blog post.  Many readers shared that a positive, abundant mindset is crucial for success. If you are not in Network Marketing, you may be thinking….

“What if I don’t have the prosperity mindset? Am I doomed?”

Here is the GREAT news! As Sue Price mentioned in her comments, the thoughts can be shifted with ‘a click of the fingers’.

Here are just some of the proven techniques that can help:

Education Allow yourself to be educated about various means and resources for achieving a prosperity mindset

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Affirmation – Verbally affirm the abundant thoughts and feelings

Visualization – Visualize the success that you deserve and feel the feelings

Association – Associate with people of abundant mindset and attend seminars and webinars 

Awareness – The First Step for Mindset Shift

As my friend Sherman Smith pointed out in one of his comments, one must be aware of the negative self talks first. Catch the negative talks and use techniques to deal with it.

It has been suggested by many leaders that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit. In order that we can completely shift the initial poverty mindset to a prosperity one, we have to stick to the techniques for at least 21 days.

Again, awareness is important. We must understand that during the journey of transformation, it is quite normal that the negative self-talk will come up now and then.

Once identified that the self-talk or any external comment is a dis-empowering one, replace it with a positive one.

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Here is one example, happening in your own head:

“Network Marketing is only for those highly focused sales people. Stay-at-home mums cannot easily reach the top because of all the family commitments.”

Replace with this:

“I know that network marketing is great for stay-at-home mums. I can learn the skills. Many mums have done so! It is definitely not a profession reserved for people in sales.”

Another example, maybe from your good friend Mary:

“If it is that easy, you would have achieved success in network marketing in your previous attempts. Why waste your time and energy again?

Replace with this:

“Mary has not had any success in network marketing before. I am going to follow the footsteps of my mentor who has success in this industry.”

Example 3, maybe from your husband:

“Don’t be silly! Who do you think you are? You have not even had a job for over 10 years!”

Replace with this:

” I know that this network marketing business model works.  My husband has not done it before. I will follow what my mentor teaches.  I will follow the system and do whatever it takes.”

Quitting Too Soon

This is the number 1 reason that network marketers ‘failed’.

The failure actually indicates a job NOT well done. Those who failed simply failed to stay on track!

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Here is a quote for you all to ponder:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison

Your Thoughts & Sharing

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Have you had negative thoughts before? Did you quit because of those negative thoughts?

If you did not quit, how did you manage to get rid of the negative thoughts and stay on track?

What is the most powerful affirmation that has ever helped you or your team members?

We are here to share so that others can follow our footsteps. Please share by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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