Stay-at-Home Mums – Wise Use of Time

For many people who are doing Network Marketing, the ultimate time freedom is what they want. It is NEVER about the money. It is what more money can impact on their lives that counts.

In the last post, I introduced the two main concepts in Network Marketing: Instant Cash Creation & Long Term Wealth Creation. 

While the instant income is very much related to the number of customers we have, the wealth creation part is the result of a powerful concept called ‘Leverage’.

Presuming that you are satisfied that Network Marketing success does not depend on one person’s efforts alone, what then is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TASK that one should do?

Here is the answer: 

Wise Use of Time

I like to use contracting scenarios to illustrate my point. Scenarios A are things MOST PEOPLE do Scenarios B are those Network Marketers (MLM mothers) STRATEGICALLY DO.

Let’s dive in the days of a stay-at-home mum!

Example 1 – Mums with a baby

Scenario A : When the baby is asleep, the mother takes a rest or a nap to recharge.

Young sleeping woman and alarm clock in bedroom at home.

Scenario B :  The MLM mother makes a phone call BEFORE proceeding to take a rest or nap. A typical ‘inviting call’ takes less than 5 minutes. A follow up call may take a bit longer but usually ends within 15 minutes.

Example 2 – Mums with young child(ren) at school

Scenario A : When the child is at pre-school or primary school,  the mother engage in household chores and/or leisure activities.

Scenario B :  The MLM mother makes a phone call BEFORE doing the daily routine tasks. They schedule a WORK ROUTINE into their existing life.  

This is the period when the level of desire is tested!! I have seem single mums succeeding. Mother of 6 children succeeding! 

It is HOW we use our time that counts.

No commitment – No Routine – No Action – No Results –


Theft of intellectual property

Example 3 – Mums with child(ren) at high school 

Scenario A : Typically, there is less work to do at home as the child gets more independent. Some mothers get a part-time job.

Scenario B : Instead of getting just a part-time job, the MLM mother also takes on an ADDITIONAL part-time business (MLM business)

Example 4 – Mums with grown up kids (at University or at work)

Scenario A : Typically, there is even less work as the young adults have their own driving licences. Most mothers enjoy more leisure time.

Scenario B : Instead of enjoying more leisure activities, the MLM mother also FOCUSES more on her MLM business.

Example 5 – Empty Nest Mums

Scenario A :  Often, it is the time for the mother to live a different life – most develop new habits and friendship.

Scenario B : Instead of just developing new habits and friendship. the MLM mother also EMBRACES the change and work on her MLM business as she goes about meeting new people – online or offline.

Social media on Smartphone

Example 6 – Retiree Mums With Grandchild(ren)

Scenario A : For those who have grandchildren, they engage more in the lives of the babies and young children’s lives.

Scenario B : Instead of fully absorbed into the grandchildren’s lives, the MLM mother gets ENERGIZED and works more on her MLM business.

Example 7 – Retiree Mums Without Any Grandchildren

Scenario A : For those who do not have grandchildren, they usually engage more in personal pursues such as reading, volunteer work, travelling, etc.

Scenario B : For the MLM mother, it is often their personal pursue that brings them to a situation when they are actually EMBODYING the MLM business. 

This means that everywhere they do, they do business.  This group has the unfair advantage of being free from the many commitments that other groups have.

Are You Making Money or Excuses?

It does not require a mathematician to work out that if nothing changes, nothing changes in life.

It does not require a super-genius to appreciate the power of leverage and team work either.

The personal question that you may wish to ask yourself is this one:

Do you want things to be changed for the better?

Better way

If yes? HOW?

Ask this tough question:

Are you making excuses?

Scenario A or B?

The ultimate choice is ours, isn’t it?

Over To You

Hand pointing at viewer

Have you ever considered doing things a bit differently in order to bring about a better future?

Do you personally know any MLM mothers?  Any MLM mother success stories to share?

Or, perhaps you are one of the MLM mothers now enjoying this lifestyle business?

What other scenarios can you share so that our readers can benefit?

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