Stay-at-Home Mums – Z for ‘Zeal’ Alone is not enough!

Hi, Welcome to the last of this A-Z series of exploring network marketing for stay-at-home mums.

If you have done at least some research into network marketing success, I hope that you have come to the conclusions that 

Network Marketing Works!

1) Network  Marketing is one of the best business opportunities that does not require a large capital outlay or huge ongoing overhead.

2) Network marketung success depends a lot on team performance – individual distributors sharing success stories with others.

3) With products or services that are in demand and competitively priced, products or services will be moved through word-of-mouth marketing.

Excitement & Zeal

Most people who have found great products or services love to share that with their friends and relatives!

They feel great doing that!

Most people, when they hear that they do the right steps once and get paid OVER AND OVER AND OVER again (because of the repeat sales from loyal customers), they get even more excited!

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Their enthusiasm and zeal do not always bring great results though. 

The Obvious Missing Link – Skills

Sharing the wonderful products or business opportunity takes skills.  One of the key skills is ‘inviting’. 

With the right skills, our friends or relatives can be invited to review the the efficacy of the products or services from a truly objective angle.

For the business opportunity, stay-home-at-home mums typically do not have a lot of time.  They use effective TOOLS to share with other stay-at-home mum friends who can then review the information from the comfort of their home!

“What is it in for me?” is the all time question that our prospects are thinking.

Distributors must learn the skills to relate the benefits of the products/services or opportunity to others so that they can see that themselves!

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Interesting Truths & Myths

Truth:  ANYONE COULD succeed in Network Marketing.

Myth: ANYONE WILL succeed in Network Marketing.

It takes DESIRE.  Not everyone has the desire for network marketing success.

Truth: ANYONE who has a strong desire to succeed COULD succeed in Network Marketing if they take action.

Myth:  ANYONE who has a strong desire to succeed WILL succeed in Network Marketing if they take action.

ZEAL is not enough! It also takes THE RIGHT ACTION to succeed. Not everyone comes into Network Marketing has a success blueprint to follow!

Truth:  ANYONE who has a strong desire to succeed COULD succeed in Network Marketing if they take the right action.

Myth: ANYONE who has a strong desire to succeed WILL succeed in Network Marketing if they take the right action.

The hard fact: Some give up too soon! 

Stock Illustration by Leo Blanchette

The Ultimate Truth

ANYONE who has a strong desire to succeed WILL succeed in Network Marketing if they take the right action LONG ENOUGH UNTIL THEY REACH SUCCESS.

No exception!

The Ultimate Choice

Do you want to be successful in network marketing?

Have you got what it takes to be successful?

Remember, the choice is always YOURS!

Sharing Time!

Any stories about how you too have screwed up when you were zealously sharing your products or business opportunity?

What other success tips can you add to what I have covered here?

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