Stepping Stone vs Stopping Stone

Welcome back! I trust that you have learned a lot from Mark Yarnell’s priceless wisdom. If you have not done so, visit my previous blog posts in this month here. His wisdom is timeless!

This sentence of his best conclude what you are going to discover here:’I don’t want you to be ignorant!’- Mark Yarnell

Stopping Stone?? What is it?

In April 2011 whilst I was searching for more resources on the internet. I was elated when I found Mark Yarnell’s mini-series on ‘Sup W’ Dat?

In his articles, he shared with us what he had learned from a book ‘Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid’ written by the world’s most respected psychologist/brain expert. In simple terms, Mark explained that people decide to take action they consider relevant evidence that could impact on their decision.  I am quoting Mark’s words here:

Epistemic irrationality occurs when

people refused to take action even though all available evidence supports the fact that they should


when people take action even though all available evidence suggests that they shouldn’t.

What has this to do with the concept of ‘Stopping Stone’?

I remember reading that made me realize WHY some people did not join my business even though they seemed to have all the evidence that the opporunity could help with their financial future. I had this picture of a Stopping Stone in mind.  When people got stuck in their circumstances, they seemed to have their own justification for doing or not doing certain things!

NOW, I fully understand that no matter how caring I am, how skilled my communication is, how effective the team system is, etc… this Epistemic irrationality becomes the STOPPING STONE for many people!

Mark Yarnell – many people failed in MLM because of Epistemic Irrationality

Mark talked about a scenario when rational adults join ‘stupid companies’ because family members or friends with no credentials ask them to do so.

Mark also talked about some people quitting their good jobs to follow someone with zero business experience into really stupid companies.

Mark Yarnell’s Wisdom – Win the Game by Understanding this:

‘MLM is a team sport. Without access to a successful coach or competent owners, no team can possibly compete no matter how many individual stars are on the team. The same thing is true in MLM. Without credible mentoring you cannot “luck” your way to $100K a month, no matter how talented you are.’

Mark also raised an insightful question for you to ponder:

‘So why do people join MLM organizations run by people whose successes have been in totally different fields of endeavor?’

Mark ‘s answer to that question – ‘I don’t know, but they do.’

Isn’t that interesting? Epistemic Irrationality has a role to play?

MLM – A Stepping Stone to Your Abundance

Now, as soon as you realize the HUGE impact of Epistemic Irrationality on your decision making, you can take charge!

Step 1: Due Diligence

Find out for yourself if Network Markeing (MLM) is a business model that you would like to embrace Legitimacy is not an issue now that many people realize that Network Marketing is a legitimate and effective model for moving products or services to the comsumers.

Once you have decided to adopt this buisness model, focus the time and erergy in finding out the best deal instead. This means that you research about the company(mission, integrity, history, finances, leadership team), the Products/Services (unique, meet market needs, consumable) and Compensation Plan (access the best return on your time investment into the business).

Find out exactly what you need to do (and not do) in order to be successful in Network Marketing.

Step 2: Team System & Mentoring

As rightly pointed out by Mark, your due diligence should include tracking down a true expert who can guide to to success based on a proven Success Team System.

Step 3: The YOU Factor

This is crucial. Now that you have the great industry (MLM), the great company, the great products/services…. what is the main ingredient for success?

YOU! That is correct! Work on YOUR Mindset, learn the basic skills (communication, prospecting, following up, time management, teaching the team to duplicate) and take actions!

The Ultimate Gift from Mark Yarnell

Mark’s wisdom is timeless. I recommend you to visit his blog here for more inspiration and knowledge. His other site is here. You may want to use this as a powerful propsecting tool.

Your Thoughts?

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