The ABC of MLM Success

In the last posting, I mentioned about the dilemma facing a network marketer who genuinely want to spread the news about good products and services. WHAT our intention is and HOW we communicate our message are two key factors to consider. Yet it is not enough!

With mere intention to help others, our enthusiasm can often ‘drown’ others. Result? Friends and relatives know that you are wanting to help but avoid you anyway. This happened in my first year of my network marketing journey. Just mastering the essential skills to communicate how network marketing can benefit others is not enough either. Reason? A lot of people simply do not really understand this industry. They often make up their decision based on their preconceived idea about network marketing : ‘unethical’, ‘very hard to achieve success’, ‘only benefit those who are willing to work many hours a week’, ‘extremely time consuming – something not worth doing’, ‘only benefit who joined in the beginning’, etc

I presume that you are here because you would like to see what would truly make network marketing work for YOU. Hopefully you can come to an intelligent decision. My intention is to educate you about the SIMPLICITY of this business model … and that it is complicated by human thoughts! Interesting? Read on!

My tips to you is to know the ABC of network marketing: A= Awareness; B=Belief; C=Clarify.

Stay tuned for my next post for the ABCs!

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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