The Importance of Beliefs

Network Marketing Greetings to Everyone!

Hope you are not overwhelmed by my last post about A=Awareness. To summarize its importance: One cannot achieve something that one is not aware of. If, at this stage, you are NOT convinced that network marketing DOES WORK, then the upcoming tips will not help you. You may as well save your time and effort and give a ‘pass’ to this thing called ‘network marketing’.

For the rest of you who believe that network marketing is something that you may want to be involved in, here comes tip No.2 – B=Belief. You guys have passed the 1st belief (that network marketing really works)! So, what else do I need to believe before I can make it work? 2nd belief = the products or services that you are promoting AND 3rd belief = yourself (that you can promote successfully). You may say, these are ‘no-brainer’ tips! Let me clarify.

You cannot be successful simply by believing in all these 3 factors. However, you will face challenges when you move onto other areas (eg. communication skills, personal development, leadership development, etc) without having the absolute conviction that what you are doing (network marketing) is a meaningful adventure that you are proud to be involved.

Let’s focus on the products or services. If I were to promote a cigarette brand through network marketing, I could never do it! Why? Because the product does not align with my values. If I were to promote a telephone service, I could probably be able to do it well but I do not have passion in that service. My tips to you is to find products or services that you believe in and feel excited about. Personally, I believe that with one billion people world-wide turning 65 for the next 18 years, there is market trend. Ask yourself questions such as “Am I passionate about helping the aged population to be healthier? What about helping them get more energy? What about relieving them with pain or other ailments through nutrition? How about assisting this group to establish an additional source of income from the comforts of their own home?

You have probably noticed that I have put a “s” after “Belief”. This is because you need to belief in yourself before you can really be successful. Interested in this topic? Stay tuned for my next post!

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach


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