The MLM Learning Journey begins with…

So far, we have been talking about having the right mindset for success , a good enough MLM company and a mentor to lead you to success. Some of you may still be thinking – why a mentor? I can pretty much do things on my own. I know that successful people do this and do that. I can simply be a copycat…and I shall succeed.

While this may sound logical, the reality is sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know!

Without a mentor, many people can easily fall into the trap of being too passionate and loyal to the products or services. The result?? People got scared away! Even if you have mastered that initial stage of excitement, you may (mistakenly) believe that your product is your business (the time freedom, lifestyle and long term security, etc).

I believe John David Mann’s The Core within the Core” article reveals something extremely important. He states that there are 5 levels of learning:

1) THE PRODUCT – lots to learn but there is another core within this core:

2) THE BUSINESS – the business model, compensation plan,etc… but there is another core:

3) THE PROCESS – the hands-on journey that you absolutely MUST take (as you cannot learn how to do MLM from CDs or DVDs or by observation. Yet there is another core:

4) THE PEOPLE – here is all about enrolling, training and team work. You genuinely learn how to  networking with people. However, underneath this, there is another important core:

5) YOURSELF – “Soon you discover something startling: that objection you keep getting? The excuse you keep heraing? The conflict that keeps cropping up in your organization?”  John concluded with : you cannot grow your income any larger than you grow yourself.

A mentor is a person who can objectively identify where you are at so that you can rise to another level of success.  Feel free to connect with me via Facebook or simply send me an email at

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

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