The Professional MLM Process

The professional “Talk to People” process that I mentioned in my last blog involves:

1) building rapport with others so that they are OPEN to what you are going to say
2) listening well to decide if your products or services can solve the other
person’s problems (health, financial, personal relationship, etc).
3) asking questions to clarify your understanding of the other person’s
goals and dreams
4) asking questions to see if the other person is ready for any change
5) offering information (websites, books, CDs, DVDs, etc) so that that person
can make an informed decison whether or not he/she would like to join your company

One important thing that professional network marketers must master is the ability to let go when people have reviewed the information and decided that the products and/or opportunity is not for them (for WHATEVER reason). To do network marketing ethically, we must respect others’ decision. For those who are really keen on learning more about HOW to ‘go through the process’, I recommend Tim Sales’ training material.

In our team, we encourage TTP AND TTP (Talk to People AND Trust The Process). Success is in the Process. Those who keep sowing the seeds professionally will be rewarded by the Universe!

Non-quitters are winners in network marketing!

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach



Queen of Hearts

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