More Tips from Mark Yarnell – from David Wood’s Interview

More of Mark Yarnell’s Wisdom from David Wood’s Blog

I noticed that David Wood has recently covered some of Mark’s wisdom in his blog. And, he has included an exclusive interview with Mark as well. The interview is one of the best that I have seen in recent years. Here is the link to David’s Post.

Controversy About Duplication

Mark stresses about the unique individual skills, beliefs and talents that can help EACH of us to be successful. In essence, he is the true leader who can recognise the greatness in ALL of us Yes, ALL of us! Not recognising the talent just in successful people, educated people, extroverts, people connectors, etc. The number one key to be successful is actually going through the numbers AND then give the appropriate training to new team members who CHOOSE to listen.

My understanding from Mark is that there are literally at least 30 ways of doing Network Marketing the right way. The question is: our right way may not necessarily be the right way for our new team members!

My understanding of Mark’s wisdom is that every individual has his or her own set of skills, beliefs and talents. The important thing is to focus on the strengths and help the new team member to strategically design a proven system that will work for him or her.

Let me elaborate on this important point!

For example, I love meeting new friends. I have grown up children and a husband who works full time. I have all the time in the world. Business networking works well for me. Do I expect my new stay-at-home team member with two young children to do what I do? The answer seems obvious, isn’t it? Unless buisness networking is also what the stay-at-home mum (or dad) wants to do, I would not be recommending this strategy.

Another example: A new member has had quite a lot of experience doing ‘home party plans’. When she joins my business, do I support her with her comfortable way of doing business?  OR,  do I insist that she has to go out and network or going online to leran the cutting-edge technologies? Wouldn’t it make sense for her to do what she is best in doing?  (Home Party + Asking for Referral) is one of the many ways that is proven to work!

OK, another example! What if you are really great at writing blog posts and computer skills. And you know that there are proven online marketing systems that can work well for you. Do you have to follow your sponsor’s traditional way of doing network marketing? Would it makle more sense for you to tap into that proven online system and take the full advantage of all the online tools?

I guess you get my point! Whatever works works Magics for that particular person!

It may not be the wise to blindly just follow what the sponsor does!

The Magic of Numbers

You have probably heard about this before -Numbers Don’t Lie!

Mark shares this Bottom Line with us – What matters is that you sponsor as many distributors as you possibly can and give that person the training that they need to achieve their dreams IF THEY CHOOSE TO LISTEN.

Let’s now look at the numbers that Mark talks about! For this part, we focus on team building.

For those people we sponsor into our organization,

1 in 5 will sponsor a few people

1 in 30 will sponsor  a lot

1  in 100 will build to a 6-figure income

You may be thinking “What has this to do with my Network Marketing success game plan?”

This understanding is crucial. You probably remember Jim Rohn’s teaching that we expect the have to expect the 30% people to do the 30%, the 60% people to do 60% and the 100% ones to do 100%. This is where most leaders face the challenge! Many leaders become leaders because they have gone through personal development and absolutely believe that anyone with a strong desire can be successful in network marketing.

Now imagine you put most of your time and energy into training and motivating the 30% group to do just a bit better… perhaps just raise the bar to 40%.

Here may be some of the activities that you do in order to accomplish your noble leadership goal:

1) Leading by example – keep on recruiting and attending all trainings and events

2) Training to the team – to ensure that they all know what to do, what not to do, etc

3) Encouraging team members to attend personal development workshops, reading inspirational books, etc

4) Inviting inspirational speakers to give speech – hoping that team members will get motivated to DO more

NOW imagine a different strategy, based on a good understanding of Mark Yarnell’s teaching!

Would you not rather talk to more people so that you can get to your 1 in 30 faster? IF you have a huge dream, you need to be able to help others to achieve a 6-figure income. How soon are you going to reach that 1 in 100 if your focus is mainly on ‘developing the team’?

Marks sums up really well – This Magic of Numbers Work for Everyone!

I would like to conclude this post with Mark’s no-brainer tips:

‘If I can do it, anybody can.’

Your Feedback

Have you heard of Mark’s view on Duplication?

What is your personal view on successful duplication?

Any ideas or insights that you would like to share?

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