Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter Says ‘Training Doesn’t Work!’

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Okay, back to Big Al now!

Training Does’t Work! 

This may sound ridiculous when their are so many Network Marketing leaders out there doing all sorts of training from workshops, seminars, webinars, one-on-one coaching, to the more intense bootcamps and other similar action-oriented training programs!

What Big Al means is that we can teach new team members how to do Network Marketing but they may still not be successful.

Why? I am going to have some FUN here!

Training Doesn’t Work!

Tom’s idea is that new team members need to experience Network Marketing in order to learn!

I am going to share one ‘Secret Story’ that this great pioneer leader in Network Marketing talks about in his training audio.

In his live workshop, he asked the participants to explain to another person what would that be like to be ‘in love’. You can probably imagine how challenging this can be. Attendees came up with all sorts of description about how it feels like to be in love. Words like feeling dizzy in the heart, heart beats faster, etc. What Big Al did was to ask a person to come to the stage, seated her in a whirling char, turned that chair around and declared ‘Victoria is in love!’

Poor Victoria had absolutely no clue what was that to do with the FEELING of falling in love!

You can now appreciate Big Al’s teaching – new distributors need to EXPERIENCE the real process in order to KNOW what it is like to be doing network marketing.


What Works?

Big Al is a hardcore advocate that basic training for the new team members is crucial. Rather than sending out new team member out to the field, not really knowing what to do or what to say, how about providing some crucial training in communication and use of simple language? Then, they can go out and DO network marketing confidently.

As we live in a busy world, most people are time poor. This is why I admire so much for Big Al’s ‘One minute presentation’.

I shall cover that secret weapon in my next blog post.

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