Total Freedom of Choice

Total Freedom of Choice – who hasn’t dreamed of having exactly that? An unattainable fantasy some might say. Read on and I’ll show you how, with some simple but consistent effort, you – or anyone – can make that vision a reality, through the power of Network Marketing.

Network Marketing, also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM), is an excellent business model that enables women to take simple steps towards creating the ultimate Freedom of Choice, for themselves and their families. MLM businesses are usually, if not always, home-based and that, as you’d imagine, is a big attraction offering many benefits for mums – or dads – who appreciate and value spending quality time with their family:
family with house of hands

* flexible hours; work around your family commitments at times that suit you

* no need to send your kids to day-care centres

* no using up annual leave to attend school-related functions

* be there for your kids when they need you most

Starting your own MLM business is fairly inexpensive and will not involve a large financial commitment:

* usually start with a couple of hundred dollars investment

* no ongoing fees

* no staff costs

* no stock costs

* low overheads – phone, coffee and petrol (this will be nominal when meeting over coffee in your home/home-office)

Financial planning consultation

There is a definite career path for those who want it and are ready for it. Professional network marketers keep things simple, because that’s the most effective and what suits their life – and it’s all about freedom of choice. Running your on MLM business gives you access to:

* a proven business model that anyone can follow

* a business where your education, experiences and gender etc. are never a barrier

* full training, plus ongoing support and mentorship from your team

* an organisation with no glass ceilings; anyone can go as high as they want to

* true freedom; not the compromised freedom of long working hours or leaving kids with carers

* meaningful work; good for you, your family and for all those you help achieve their own real work-life balance

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Operating your MLM business brings with it a range of useful bonuses and beneficial side-effects:

* free training on developing your MLM mindset; the thoughts that help build your business

* lots of personal development, benefitting not only your business, but all areas of life

* training on communication, goal setting, time-management and other useful skills/techniques

* you’ll spend a lot of your time getting to know people over tea/coffee; one of the less heralded benefits of MLM

Last, but not least – income; we’re working to pay household bills, after all. Possibly the most remarkable, yet least understood, aspect of running an MLM business is creating a Passive Income Stream. The potential is huge! Here’s why:

Graphic of success concept. 3d render.

* we work once, get paid over and over again, as others re-order their favourite products or services

* we have happy customers, generating more referrals among their friends and family

* we have promoters, sharing testimonials = more customers/promoters/business-builders

* we have business-builders, working together to build a huge distribution organisation (local or global)

You can run your own MLM business and create for yourself the ultimate work-life balance!

If you want to find out more about how MLM can give you Total Freedom of Choice, please book a free 20-minute consultation with Viola, by phone or face-to-face.

p.s. Here’s a video explaining the brilliance of this business model. Click here.

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