Is Your Vision Crystal Clear?

I have been off for the whole month of January. I am glad to be back to share what I know about Network Marketing! I will be returning to the weekly blogging regime again.

I found it extremely interesting that there are still so many people who do not really know how this profession works.  This is why I love to share what I have learned from my own not-so-smooth Network Marketing journey. My mission is to empower other stay-at-home mums (or dads) that with the right company, products, support team and mentor, ANYONE can succeed in this awesome industry.

Clear Vision

Many people spending more time planning for their vacation that planning for their life.

Do you have a clear vision as to HOW 2014 is going to end for you?

If you have heard about Network Marketing, what is your perception?

Business problems and support

If you wish for a better life, like most people do, do you have a good understanding of what Network Marketing really is?

If not, how can the vision be clear?

Learning from Mark Januszewski

In  2013, my mentor introduced our team to the awesome training by Mark Januszewski.

His no-nonsense training means that finding the right members to join the team is so much more fun.  We are able to separate the ‘suspects” from the real prospects.

For those who choose to join our team, they do it for THEIR OWN REASONS. No begging. No chasing. No manipulating skills.

As Mark says famously, network Marketing success is about

Willingness & Ability

The road to success is easier for someone who are WILLING to learn the skills in order to have a better future 


Do they have to have the ABILITY in the beginning

No. All they have to do is to have the COURAGE to take on a journey of change. Mark calls this Hero’s Journey. The trusted mentor’s role is to ensure that all team members who are WILLING to learn are supported. appropriately.  ABILITY is the result of learning and taking action. Skills are acquired and refined through practice. No exception!

Lessons From A Great Leader

Click here for Mark’s interviewing a great leader, Fran Patoskie.

Note how she talks about committing to one year to get the hang of how Network Marketing works, 3 years to get a good income and 5 years to be financially free.

I do sincerely hope that this interview brings you a clearer idea of what Network Marketing can offer.

You can then make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to embrace Network Marketing in 2014 and beyond.

Better way

Over To You

I would love to hear your decision to rejoin Network Marketing if you have ‘failed’ in the past.

If you are not embracing this awesome profession, Why?

Most people get excited when they know that they can get  paid over and over again after doing something right once.  Are you willing to learn the skills so that you can do it right this time?

If you have not been involved in Network Marketing before, this is your lucky year! You can avoid all the known mistakes and start professionally.

Please share your thoughts and insights.

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