Webinar – Introducing Mums to Professional Network Marketing, Part Time

Hey Awesome friends! This is my first ‘come-back’ blog after having stopped blogging for a while.

From now on, whatever I blog will be related to this theme – Helping Mums Succeed!


For a number of years I have been helping stay-at-home-mums to recognize that there a brilliant business model – Network Marketing.

This year, I am dedicated my time to helping mums from any of these 3 tcategories:

Category 1 – Mums who are super skeptical.

They are the ones who reject EXAMINING this business concept without even doing any critical thinking. If you are in this category, my New Year challenge for you is to critically evaluate if ‘there is something in for you‘.

Perhaps this short training video from industry leader Mark Januszewski would help?

Click here for more.

Category 2 – Educated Mums

This group of mums have a fairly good understanding of how this awesome industry works but have misconception about HOW this can work FOR THEM.

Often, they may have tasted success in the past but feel that they do not have the time and energy to do it all over again! For some, they might even have attempted to work the business but failed to stretch enough to master the skills required…and quit too soon!

Or, they are witnessing other people doing Network Marketing the hard way and have decided that it is not something they would like to take on with their already business schedule.

What a shame!

We all have 24 hours in a day. 

It is HOW we decide to use those 24 hours that matters!

My New Year Questions for this group of friends are –

“Is my past experience or perception a good enough reason for me NOT to explore more?”

“Could I possibly make it work for me if I REALLY want to make a change in my life (for the better?”

Category 3

Mums who have heard about great things about Network Marketing and know without a shadow of doubt that the Network Marketing INDUSTRY works!

They may even have friends or relatives who are already enjoying the fruit of their earlier work. Some of those friends may now be ‘cruising’ – meaning that they do not necessarily have to be working actively ON their business any more!

Beautiful yacht in San Francisco bay

Whichever categories you belong, I trust that you will find the answers in my upcoming webinar.

Click here for more details of this webinar – on 27 Jan (Thursday) 8pm – 9pm, Sydney time.

I look forward to helping you in achieving more in 2016 & beyond!

Feel free to share this blog with friends who may benefit please.


Viola Tam – The Businessmum


Queen of Hearts

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