Why You May Be Resisting MLM

I just came across a wonderful blog by Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas that covers why some people may resist passive income. I think it is the perfect topic for me to share relating to the Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry.

Denise covers four main reasons but I’d like to focus on just one – “It feels slightly unethical” These are her own words, “The biggest resistance I had to passive income at the start, was that I felt like I was doing something a bit weird, unsavory, and even a little bit unethical.” What Denise refers to is her Manifesting Course.¬†

There is marked similarity between what she mentions and the MLM industry!

Profits from MLM

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There are many people who believes that it is unethical to earn commission off their own friends or relatives. It does seem ‘weird’ that one should be earning a profit when one’s aim is just to help.

However, when we come from a position of service, is it not true that we tend to want to help those people that we know, like and love? Rather than those random ‘someone’?

Let’s put this into perspectives.

When we are sick, many people go to visit their doctor (General Practitioner or GP in short). They are expecting to PAY the consultation fee to the GP. When the GP recommends certain medicine, very rarely would the patient question why is it that they should be on a particular medicine. The patients will then go to the pharmacy and PAY for the prescribed medicine.

When it comes to personal experiences with effective products, we humans like to share. We have no problem recommending a good restaurant to others. We have no problem recommending a good GP either.

Some people are actually picking up Fly Buy points from companies such as Coles Supermarket. There are coffee shops that would reward the referrer with a FREE coffee.

Why is it that some people have an issue with the referrer getting commission (reward money) instead of reward points?

Interesting, isn’t it?

New Breed of MLM: Social Retail

Big Secret

The good news is – there is a new breed of MLM that treats the customers as though they are the Coles Supermarket consumers. This new breed is all about combining MLM with the online shopping trend.

A new industry is created.

It is called, appropriately, Social Retail.

It is retail powered by people.

What this mean is that the customers are introduced to products that a Social Marketer loves! The Social Marketers are PROMOTING the products because they genuinely love the products. They may not have personal experiences with the products themselves. Yet, there are research behind the formulation of the products. Often, the testimonials are so powerful that consumers are willing to give it a try. ¬†Sometimes, the simple trust and trying can turn a person’s life around in significant ways!

Great Social Marketers feel that is not only ethical to share them. When it comes to health and wellness, it is in fact UN-ethical not to share!

If this blog has challenge your thinking about MLM or Social Retail, my job is done well!

You may wish to re-consider whether or not you would like to continue to resist MLM.

Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear your experiences with using awesome products or services from MLM companies.

An open and honest discussion on this topic is a healthy way to explore the truth, isn’t it?

Any comments?

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