Wisdom from Mark Yarnell for Ex-Network Marketers and Newbies

Welcome back to the continual learning of Mark Yarnell’s timeless wisdom!

This post is specially dedicated to ex-network marketers who may have concluded that network marketing is NOT for them!

Human Logic Can be Funny!

Any network marketer who has been in the field for long enough would agree that it is funny how the most logical friends of ours can make the most illogical decision!

What do you mean, Viola? Here are just some of the most interesting conclusions from prospects:

1 – Previous networking experience ended up in a disaster

= No network marketing opportunities are good!

2 – Not able to recruit even one member

= I am not good in doing network marketing (or not good in sales)!

3 – The last company collapsed

= No network marketing companies are reliable!

4- My sponsor did not provide me with enough support

= All sponsors care only for themselves!

5- My team members were not duplicating what I did

= Network marketing’s ‘leverage’ concept is hype!

What is the Problem?

It is not difficult for a person with average intelligence to spot the problematic thinking patterns!

Let’s look at each of these faulty conclusions.Have FUN and see if you could provide some possible (and logical) answers to the above situations….

Okay, let’s be serious:

1 – Previous disaster COULD due to some of the factors listed here –  no real desire for success,  not good enough communication skills, poor time management, no support system…

(the list is endless!)

2 – No recruits COULD due to these – not actually opening the mouth to invite, not mastering the basic skills for good communication, no business strategy (doing all the tasks NOT relating to exposing the products/services to others)…Have FUN! What else COULD be the reasons?

3 – Collapsed companies COULD mean that the company did not have a healthy cash flow, not having a good management team, productrs lacking competitiveness in the market place, etc…

4 – No support from sponsor COULD mean that you have not reached out for support from team leaders further up. It COULD mean that you did not realize that you could actually learn from  the ONLINE training provided by the company. No such training from the company? Today, generic training sites are everywhere if you care to explore!

5 – No duplicating? COULD it be that the team system is too complicated or confusing? What about the team members DID NOT have the desire to do what was required?

Success Tips from Mark Yarnell

If you are with a good network marketing company, stick to it.

Here are his Network Marketing Success Tips:

1. Track upline for  a good mentor

2. Shut Up + Listen + Do what is asked to do

3. Work very hard

Finding Our Unique Talent

While duplication is a BIG word in network marketing, Mark’s view is very clear – YES, work hard and get the numbers done!

The duplication happens naturally as there are enough people in our organization! Check it out here if you have missed my last post on the magic of numbers.

His TOP TIP is: There is no one size fits all!

Helping people to expand their own talent!

Getting people to do what works for them!

Mark’s idea is that there are lots of ‘systems’ that work! Guiding new members to stick to one that works best for them is the key!

Now, Ex-Network Marketers, asking these questions may help you:

1. Have you got a STRONG desire for success?

2. Have you done your due diligence in finding a good company with solid products/services that you are PASSIONATE about?

3. Have you track down a RIGHT mentor who can lead you with a proven marketing system and show you the DAILY action steps?

4. Have you got the RIGHT attitude towards your prospects? (My tips: All people are good prospects until we LISTEN and find out otherwise.)

5. Can you COMMIT to at least 12 months in LEARN + DO + TEACH?

I believe I have given you enough challenging ideas for you to ponder!

I sincerely hope that you will be saying,

‘YES, I am returning to this wonderful industry!’

Where on earth can an ordinary person start taking charge of his/her own future by harnassing the power of Network Marketing?

Final Blessings from Viola

While we cannot change our destiny over night,

we can change the direction that we are going.

PS: If you have not done so, check out more network marketing success ideas and concepts here:

Exploring Network Marketing FanPage

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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