4 Mental Enemies – More Tips from Mark Yarnell

Hello to everyone! We are to continue some of the most important ‘Getting It Right’ tips from Mark Yarnell. I learned these through Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s tape series called ‘ High Achievement Network Marketing: How To Take Your Business To New Heights’. I trust that this blog content can help people who are exploring this industry, newbies as well as for those who have been in for a while.

Why Some People Who Joined Network Marketing Ended Up Leaving this Wonderful Industry?

There are many answers to these two questions.  There is one thing in common – disappoinment!

What caused the disappointment?

Here are just some of the real life experiences:

Example 1:  Some people bump into network marketing because of the wonderful products. Lack of communication skills can be a killer! I sponsored  NO-ONE into my organization in my first year!

Example 2: Some people wrongly believe that network marketing is a ‘Get Rich Quick’ path. Having to work hard for their dream is just too hard!

Example 3: Some people did not realize that they have to expose the products or opportunity to a lot of people before there is a match between what people want and what you have to offer!

Example 4: Some people do not realize that for most people, change is difficult. Unless there is a strategic network marketing business plan, people will fall back to their daily habits easily!

Mark Yarnell’s Teachings Come to The Rescue!

Getting started right is crucial in network marketing! How many of you started and got really excited ….. only to realize that excitment can kill too?

You may be wondering, isn’t it great to be excited? You may have heard that ‘enthusiasm is important’ in network marketing too….???

Mark Yarnell’s tips for new team members means that everyone knows the TRUTH in this network marketing path.

No tricks. No hype. Just fact.

By having new team members orientated the right way, every outcome is predicted. Team members who choose to stay in the Network Marketing Success Path know precisely what would be expected down the track! No disappointmet! No distractions along the way to Success 🙂

Enemy No.1:  Objection

Whether you are getting leads from online strategies or contacting real people in the real world, there is always people who will be saying ‘No’ to your products or opportunity.

As high as 80 out of the 200 people will be a straight ‘No’. The key is to accept this as a natural happening. Do not waste time and energy chasing about those people. No need to figure out their ‘why’ either. Your ‘why’ is important to you. Keep the focus!

From my own experience, this may not be easy to accept if you are holding in your hand great products that can most likely improve other people’s lives.

My tip: accept the outcome as it is so as to save you from getting emotionally drained. It is crucial that you do NOT take ‘No’s persoanlly!

Enemy No. 2:  Deception

Using the above list of 200 as an example, now you have 120 wanting to check what you have to offer.  70 out of the 120 will end up NOT showing up at all at the meeting. The worse part is, many do not even tell you that they will not be turning up! Mark Yarnell is advising that this is just part of the process!

My early experience included some never-ending follow up calls to this category of deceptors. I was not able to realize that some people simply find it too difficult to say ‘No’. Now I know when people come up with a whole bunch of excuses, that is the hint that they are not really serious in changing their circumstance.  You need to get smart and face the reality. Do not choose to be decepted again!

Find out if they have genuine obstacles for not attention the meeting (example, family membet hospitalized). OR,  are they not really committed to their dreams and goals?

You may be thinking:’The money is in the follow up’. This is so confusing! Why shouldn’t we be the caring friend to follow up on them forever?

The key is to distinguish who to follow up NOW, who to follow up LATER (maybe a few months down the track) and who NOT to follow up at all.

Enemy No.3:  Apathy

Okay. let’s move on! How many people are now actually turning up to the meeting? 200-80-70= 50

If you predict that a large number from those 50 will sign up, you will be disappointed!

As many as 37 would not show any interest at all. Some may even be glaring at you or the presenter because of all sorts of interesting reasosns. Here are just 3 examples:

‘Are you kidding me? Expecting me to work hard even after my 9-5 daily routine? No way!’

‘You are just thinking of making money! Why not spend more time in doing volunteer work instead?’

‘You think money grows on trees? If that is so easy, many people would have become rich!’

The sooner you move on, the less time and energy would be wasted in chasing up or trying to persuade them that you really mean to help them.

Yes, it could be a tough decsion for NOT helping. The reality is: we cannot force onto others products or opportunities that they do not consider precious.

Enemy No. 4:  Attribution

Deducting 37 from the 50 left, we may expect 13 to sign up. Still another enemy to face!

Again, whether you like it or not, there are people who would sign up ONLY to quit within 3 months! Up to 12 of the 13 will quit!

One way to keep the new member is to start them right – the right attitude, knowing what to expect, knowing what to do , what not to do, etc. Helping them to sponsor their first person in is the best way to keep them. It is a no-brainer tip! Success breeds success! It is crucial that your company or team has a simple system in place to help new distributors to start it right – right from Day 1 of joining.

My experience tells me that on-going personal development is a decisive factor! Those who are willing to tap into this will grow and stay. Others perish.

Intelligent Question to Ask Yourself:

Are you willing to contact 200 people and go through those challenges that Mark Yarnell talks about in order to reach the ONE leader?

The one leader, in Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s own example, who produced $15,000 income 3-4 years down the track?

Final Tips For Ex-Network Marketers

If you have been damaged by this industry, my suggestion to you is to do your own due diligence. Decide for yourself if this path (with the 4 enemies waiting for you) is one that you would like to embark. I encourage you to request for a FREE  eBook that I am offering. Or, book a 20-minute Skpye converstaion with me. Check out the request tabs at the top of this blog post.

I am more than happy to help you to make a change in your life.  Be Blessed!

Your MLM Success Coach,

Viola Tam

Skype: tam.viola

Email: viola.businessmum@gmail.com (Quote; FREE EBook as subject line)

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