A Sure Win Path in MLM

If you have ever been in Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing MLM before, you will agree with me that there are two major challenges in the Success Journey:

(1) Prospecting Challenge

(2) Retention rate in MLM

If you have never done MLM before, this blog post can help you step on a sure-win path of success!

Let’s look at both of these common challenges! They are in fact inter-linked!

Prospecting & Retention Challenges

It is true that until now, there are still many people are so burnt by their past MLM experiences or the negative experiences of their friends or relatives that they literally have their eyes blindfolded.

Even though MLM  has evolved to an easy to do, highly leveraged form, they may not even be able to recognize it. In short, those people would let opportunities pass! In their mind, there are all sorts of questions and doubts.

Cute child with glasses with lot of questions

If you are the OTHER group of people who CAN recognize the opportunity in MLM, you surely would like to know the secrets to successfully growing your business AND retaining the key leaders in your organization, wouldn’t you?

What is the solution then?

Attract. Attract. Attract.

Attracting the right people who have ALREADY been educated about how Network Marketing has progressed is key!

That is, those prospects who still have the blindfolds over their eyes are NOT our prospects (at least at that particular time). It is wise to let them continue to believe in what they believe (that MLM doesn’t work or cannot be sustained) and move on!

This way, we reserve our time and energy to help those who are ready to be helped.

Businessman sinking in heap of documents and asking for help

This will lead to less of a network marketing retention problem as each and everyone joining the team for business building are well aware that this prospecting and retention challenges are actually part of the solution!

Leadership Challenge

Does this mean that every key team leaders will stay on?

No, for sure!

There are other Leadership Challenges that I will cover in my next blog.

As for now, I’d like to quote something from Ray Higdon about leadership in MLM. This way, I will get your BRAIN POWER working!

Here are his words:
‘If you are an employer, are you looking to “retain” your employees OR are you looking to fire them up and get them more productive and happy and grateful to be working for you?’

‘If you are married, are you looking to “retain” your husband or wife OR are you looking to have them worship the ground you walk on and feel like the most treasured and loved king or queen?’

Next Step

I look forward to having another challenging conversation with you all in my next blog!

Meanwhile, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about your success stories. Share & Be Blessed.



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