Ancient Greek Selling – Insights from Michael Oliver

Welcome to this month’s featured mentor, Michael Oliver.He is the best selling author of the book ‘ How to sell Network Marketing without fear, anxiety or losing yourfriends!’ He is also a certified Chopra Centre trainer and founder of Natural Selling Sales Training. If you want more information, click here.

It was a number of years back when I was first exposed to Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling concept. Since tapping into his e-training course and learning many of his resources, I have been able to sell (the product or business opportunity) with much ease. Team members find it much easier to initiate conversation and engage with people too.


The power lies in the letting go of the outcome!

The Magic and Power of Dialogue

No traditional persuasion technique. No manipulative phrases. No sales strategies. No persuasive closing skills.

Most importantly, no objection handling techniques!

Too good to be true?  How can Network Marketing be done in such a wonderful way?

The secret lies in the way that we communicate and connect with others. The focus is 100% on the Potential Business Partner (NOTE: Michael does not use ‘prospect’).

Michael discovered that by detaching letting go of the outcome, he could actually increase his income!

The essence of the communication is to really understand people – hearing what is meant, not what is said. It is through this ancient Greek dialogue that Network Marketers can feel at ease talking to people and finding out what do they want. Using this communication style, team members can talk to anyone without fear, anxiety or the loss of any frineds!

“When I focus on me, I increase my anxiety. When I focus on you,

I decrease my anxiety!”     – Michael Oliver

It is an incredible journey of EXPLORATION. Only discovery. No rejection or objection!

Here is a short video that from Michael Oliver – stating the difference between telling discussion and a dialogue.


Natural Selling

As the focus is totally on finding out if there is a need for our products or services in the first place, every dialogue is effortless.

If there is no need or desire for the product or services, no sales have been lost.

Due to the non-manipulative dialogue process, we always end up with a good relationship with the person that we talked to.

Sales is a natural consequence of our discovery process if the person has a need for our products or services.

Four Key Principles

1. Helping other people solve their own problems

2. Asking the right types of questions at the right time

3. Listening to what is being meant, not just what is being said.

4. Feeding back what you think you heard.

Using these key principles, the results are POWERFUL. No fear. No Anxiety. No Reluctance talking to others. No Beating ourselves up when others say ‘No’.

Everything simply flows! Magical!

Inner Calm & Personal Fulfillment

Can you imagine the inner calm after I have adopted using Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling approach?

Sponsoring becomes a natural process,  with effortless ease and inner calm.

Even if the outcome is ‘No’, the dialogue allows us to develop much better relationships with others.

Asking for referrals is easier as the trust and relationship have been established through dialogue process.

Future follow up is also easier as we have fostered great relationships through the dialogue process.

Your Thoughts?

Have you used any of Michael’s principles? Any testimonial to share?

Are you using dialogue with your potential business partners?

How did you get to a stage that there is no fear and anixety? Most importantly, how are you keeping your friends?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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