Be Empowered By MLM: Get Over The Invisible Hurdle

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This is another Be Empowered blog. I hope that this sharing will help some of my readers to recognize some of the invisible hurdles that are stopping them from living an authentic and happy life.

The story I am sharing is fictitious. However, I am drawing from past prospecting experiences. I you are reading this and feel that I am talking about you. You are not alone. There are definitely more than one Hilda out there!

Hilda’s Success

Hilda is a very successful business person. Given that she has been in business for a long time, she has learned quite a number of very effective marketing strategies along the way.

As you can imagine, most successful business owners are very focused on what they do. Client after client. Project after project. She is too busy to have any other things on her plate. She is too busy even wishing to take a quick look at what is available out there could be done without hindering her own business.

WOW, this is so true! Life is busy for her. Busy in a healthy manner too as she is balancing work and life well.


WOW, isn’t this ‘valid’ reason also the blind spot for her not having a even better life?

Successful network marketing leaders value their time. They recognize potential leaders like Hilda. One with confidence in herself, people skills, time management skills and many essential qualities that would have taken many people years to develop.

In Hilds’s mind, the ideal prospect for Network Marketing (MLM) Success is one with the RIGHT attitude, the RIGHT mindset, the RIGHT personality type, the RIGHT sales skills, etc.

In her mind, she is a GREAT business person but may not be a great material for MLM success.

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Hilda’s Invisible Hurdle

Can you see how Hilda is creating an invisible hurdle for her to live a even more successful life?

While her business is going strong, it is still an active income. That is, the day that she stopped working on her business, the income stops.

Is she aware that there are SOOOOO MANY less capable people that didn’t start with the RIGHT mindset ended up going to the top?

You may be wondering – HOW COME???

Those are the people who refused to let the invisible hurdles to get into their way.

Many of them have done their research and are satisfied that there is indeed money to be made in a not-so-time-consuming manner.

Do they have to quit their day job to do network marketing by the side? Absolutely not!

Do they have to stop running their own business to do network marketing by the side? Absolutely not!

Double the Success!

With the RIGHT understanding of how MLM works, embrace the use of fantastic tools and support from the sponsor, Hilda could easily embrace this awesome profession and double her success.

She could then CHOOSE to keep her job or business as she wishes. This is the ultimate freedom!

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Here are just a few stories to keep you inspired:

My dentist mentor managed to successfully built his MLM business so that he can treat his dentistry profession as his hobby. He is choosing the hours that he’d like to work. Work to support his dentist mate rather than to make money. He is now enjoying living life on his terms.

A physiotherapist mother managed to work her MLM business successfully and chose to stop running her business. For her, she values more family time to spend with her children and husband.

A nurse worked hard enough for a few years and now ‘retired’ in comfort – as she enjoys the very flexible business model that allows her to be with her children. What is more? She can travel round the world to support her team leaders in other countries.

Challenging Thoughts

Could my dentist has arrived at this ‘enjoying life on his terms’ destiny without embracing MLM and worked towards his goal?

Could the physiotherapist have the financial power to stop running her clinic – a life that means missing a lot of her family life?

Could the nurse has the joy and freedom to “retire” in comfort? She has not quite hit the retirement age yet!

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever wondered that you too can create your own destiny when you can identify the invisible hurdles and committed to removing them?

This is only one perception hurdle. Stay tuned for many more others to come!

Feel free to share your thoughts please.

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