MLM Lead Generation the Natural Way

Having been in network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) for many years, one of the most common questions that my prospects asked is this one:

“Do I have to talk to my friends and relatives?”

This is a valid question as network marketing success is directly related to the volume of products that are being moved. It makes sense to ask where are we going to promote the products.

My answer to the above question is : “It depends. Do you want to talk to your friends and relatives?”

This question helps new team member to open up a lot about their experiences, beliefs and feeling about sharing the products or opportunity with their friends. Team members must be able to see that what they have to share has the potential to change others’ lives for the better.

For discussion’s sake, I divide the prospects into these 2 categories:

(1) Excited About MLM

These people have typically not been in MLM. They understand that MLM is a legitimate business model and can bring about exponential grow in business.  They express their excitement and cannot wait to share with their friends and relatives. Lead generation for them is to share what their circle of influence (acquaitances, friends and relatives)

These team members, when properly trained to connect, ask questions and listen, they can usually enrol. From satisfied customers, they get referrals, another proven lead generation strategy.

The biggest challenge for them is to realize that not everyone he or she cares enough to share would buy the product or join the business opportunity. When the prospect says no, it is usuallythat the timing is wrong or that he or she is indeed not needing the products or business.

‘No’ replies are just as good as ‘Yes’ replies as a network marketer’s job is to collect a decision. 

Mentor’s role: To ensure that the new team member has learned the basic skills, actually do the inviting (the prospect to review third party tools such as a website or DVD), do the follow up and ACCEPT the prospect’s decision. 

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

(2) Done MLM Before and Have Already Contacted  Their ‘Warm Market’

“Warm Market’ is a common term in MLM that means people we know – our friends and relatives.

For this group of prospects, they must be able to see that THIS TIME is going to be different from the previous MLM attempts that have ‘failed’. They must learn how to relate to their prospect with conviction. 

Biggest challenge: there is usually reluctance in them talking to their friends again. They have two main options –

1. Go back to talk to their old contacts

2. Go network and create a NEW warm market

Either strategy works ONLY if they have learned to convey their message with energy and conviction. Absolutely no convincing or defending is necessary.

Ray Higdon, a very successful MLM leader shares this in his training video. I trust this can explain my point.


Mentor’s role:

1. Assist the new team member to identify which part of the process went wrong last time(s).

2. Address the challenges – Mindset? Action Plan? Building trust? Communication?  Implementing what worked? Follow up? 

3. Coach, guide and mentor along the Success Journey.

Creating New Warm Market

Asking friends to introduce others to us is the easiest and cheapest strategy. Conversation like this can be helpful

“Who do you know is open-minded?”

Who do you know might benefit from a product like this?”

Another natural way to expand our ‘warm market’ is to join local groups. The process is so much easier now that there are many Meet Up groups that you can join and connect with like-minded people. This could be a challenge for stay-at-home mums with very young kids. However, as soon as the kids are at school, they can join groups that starts at 10 am or 12 noon.

Global communication concept

Another professional and effective way is to connect with people through various business networking breakfasts and Chamber of Commerce events. The advantage is that you typically connect with more successful people who have the entrepreneurial mindset.

Online Lead Generation

There are lots of online MLM stories. The idea is that there are many people looking for MLM, Online tools can be a wonderful resource for us to connect to those people who are seeking. I have learned to generate my own leads through blogging. For me, it is a slow process. Some people have massive results generating their own leads. I strongly recommend you to check out Ray Higdon’s blog here as he also covers the training you need AFTER you have got your own leads.

I have just completed a one day intensive Linked-In MLM Lead Generating workshop. I am impressed with the power of technology in generating targeted leads. I cannot wait to implement the strategies and share with you the results in the near future.

Over to YOU

Are you generating your own leads?

Which lead generation strategy works best for you? In what way?

I’d love to hear from you. MLM is such a wonderful profession that more people deserve to know the various success tips! Choose a few strategies and stick to the action plan. That is the secret!

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