MLM Myth: I cannot be successful because I can’t sell

Welcome to another common Network Marketing (MLM) myth – that people cannot be successful in Network Marketing (MLM) if they believe that they are not the sales type … and that they ‘can’t’ sell. In their mind, ‘selling’ seems to be associated with those high-pressure manipulative images that we often seen in non-professional sales people.

There is no denying that there are indeed some unprofessional network marketers who may manipulate or even lie about the products or services that they provide. However, would you agree that there are also some good ones who are serving their potential customers in manners that are poles apart from the unprofessional ones.

While the manipulative sales person focuses on getting the sale, the professional sales person focuses on finding out the wants and needs of the potential customers. The latter group is also skilled in asking questions so that the potential customers themselves become aware that they may have a need (that they may or may not want to do something about it).

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Here is a simple example:

A friend of yours has been working long hours in the corporate world. She wants to have a family but finds it hard to fall pregnant. Due to the high-demanding workload, she has trouble sleeping well and is getting more and more concerned about not being able to conceive.

Considering you as a trusted friend, she confided to you that she had extremely low energy and that the hot flushes she was experiencing could be the very reason that she could not conceive.

What would you do if you heard that other people with similar issues but had found relief from using some herbal products?

I bet most people would eagerly share the story (testimonials) that they have heard. They might be asking their friend “ Do you think this might have something to do with your hormonal imbalance?”
This way, their friend might ask more questions and do more research. The path could lead to her trying the herbal medicine – a possible solution for her health challenges!

Now, consider this – Would you still share the stories if the products involved are from a network marketing company?

Most people, if they are NOT a referred customer or a distributor in that MLM company, would be quite happy to share.
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Yet, for many people, if they themselves have joined the MLM company (whether for the products or the business opportunity), their mindset might be challenged!
Some might CHOOSE NOT TO RECOMMEND the products that they believe in OR share the stories that they have heard. They are the victim of the negative sales image. They do not wish to be perceived as a sales person.

Is it not true that this mindset could be stopping us from sharing something that might help, something that our friend MAY NOT NECESSARILY be aware of?

Successful Network Marketers’ Mindset

They understand that they have knowledge to share. They have mastered the skills so that they can share. The dialogues and questions are absolutely essential in the ‘sales process’.

We simply cannot suggest any solution to the potential customer when we have not even found out if there is a problem that needed to be solved.

To be successful in MLM, we need to have the right mindset. That sharing information is NOT selling. The ultimate decision whether products are purchased lies with the potential customer.
A great network marketer is just a servant, a messenger, a helper… whatever you would like to call it.
To be successful in MLM, we need to acknowledge this fact and keep the focus on serving others.
If a sale is to be made eventually, it is the natural progression of what have been shared and discussed prior to ‘closing’ the sale.

The MLM Truth

The MLM Myth is – I cannot be successful because I can’t sell
The MLM Truth is – I cannot be successful because I can’t share

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