MLM Myth: People At The Top Make All The Money

I love this one! Many people firmly believe that in Network Marketing, the people at the top always make all the money. The perception is that one has to join a MLM company early so as to have the most distributors in one’s team. This perception has stopped many people from STARTING their MLM business simply because they believe that there would not be enough business for the people joining at a later stage.

Yet, how true is this?

Let’s look at a training video created by MLM professional and trainer Tim Sales who has cleverly used logic and graphics to debunk this argument.

Not only will you be able to see how the people at the top DO NOT necessarily make the most money, you can also pick up great tips relating to which factors that are crucial for your MLM business success.

You will be pleased to hear that Tim Sales has invited Professor Charles King to share his past skepticism as well. I trust that my sharing with you is doing this awesome MLM industry justice.

For far too long, people have been confused or misled. Let’s set the record straight!

Your thought are welcome!

Queen of Hearts

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