MLM Myth: To be successful, I will have to throw my life out of balance

Of all the myths that I have covered so far, I love talking about this one!

It is funny that there are so many people believing that to be successful in Network Marketing (MLM), they have to put their life out of balance. They trust that they need to work crazily hard in order to achieve success. Many people believe that they have to work many evenings, Saturdays and Sundays as well in order to make this business work.
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I remember one MLM trainer, Tom Challan, who once shared how he had became very successful in enrolling team members but found himself got caught into overly busy in supporting his team members to grow their business. For Tom, throwing life out of balance did not make sense to him! The very reason why he was embracing MLM was to achieve a BETTER work-life-balance. He found out the hard way that the whole recruiting process AND team support needed to be systemized and simple. It was then that he put his life back into balance!

Lesson Learned – Learn well & do well strategically

Tom, like many other great MLM leaders, is now enjoying business growth AND the freedom that he deserves.

He learned well. Took action and is now enjoying the rewards – real work/life balance that so many mums and dads desire!

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When I first bumped into MLM for the products because of my daughter’s ill health, I did not really get to choose my MLM company from the business perspective. As years went by and I kept on making numerous mistakes, I finally recognized the importance of having a SIMPLE SYSTEM that can be easily implemented.

The role of using tools cannot be overstated. A great mentor is also important as he or she can help new team members to avoid falling into many common mistakes. Those mistakes are so obvious to a leader but usually not even known to a new team member!

The key to be successful is to have a great mentor so that you can learn well and do well strategically. Rather than throwing your life out of balance, it is more about scheduling the time needed to build the business so that you can still ENJOY a balanced life.

Planning is important. Action is important. Focus is the key. Getting life out of balance is NOT.

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