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Today, I am going to talk about success tips about Prospecting with Posture that I learned from Lisa Kitter Combs.  If you are still new to the industry, you may be puzzled what does that really mean. Here, I am going to share with you Lisa’s view on Prospecting with Posture. She explains that basically, you are the one with the gift. She uses the analogy about having the goose that can lay golden eggs and that we (as professional Network Marketers) are happy to share with people who would like to know about this.

Lisa admitted that she had been in a position when she prospected with no posture. And failed!

She has since learned this powerful prospecting tips from Jeffrey Combs who was practically having prospects begging him to join his business! Lisa applied what she had learned and became hugely successful. Here are some of the key points that I have learned:

What is Prospecting With Posture?

Key Point No.1 – Looking for Quality People

Our aim is to look for good quality people to partner with us and help them become leaders. This is why our focus is to look for successful people rather that those who are broke and need our opportunity! We are running a business, not a ‘Salvation Army’. Great insight!

Key Point No.2 – Professionals Sort; Not Chase

With posture means that our attitude is about interviewing our prospects to see if they have the qualities that we are looking for! Put simply, we, as professionals, sort, not beg or chase our prospects.

Key Point No.3- Perception is Reality

Lisa teaches that the interviewing should be brief. This is important as we have to convey the message that we are busy and successful. Spending a lot of time talking and convincing the propsect about our products or opportunity send out exactly the opposite message.

Key Point No.4 – We Lead; Not Follow

With the right mentality, we behave as a leader. We do not allow rude prospects to waste our precious time. We are in control of the conversation. We are happy to let go of those prospects who have little desire to change the quality of their lives.

Here, Lisa is applying the ‘Gentle Take-Away’ skill and let the prospect go. If you have not read my post on this technoque. You can check it out here.

Key Point No.5 – Respect Our Business

We appreciate that we are running a multi-million dollar business. Time is pecious. It should be well spent on serving those prospects who would like to know what we have to offer!

Key Point No.6 – Confidence

This is about having confidence in ourselves, the products or services and the business opportunity.

Success Steps for Prospecting

Lisa states that many people make MLM Prospecting harder than it really is!

Here are the ridiculously simple steps that matter:

1. Willingness to get out of our comfort zone ane talk to people! Lisa jokes about dogs and cats having no money. Only people do!

2. Action! Action! Action! – We must have a Daily Method of Operation that can help us to move closer to our goals every day! Be realistic! So that we are not going to beat ourselves up after failing to do the daily tasks! Hold ourselves accountable EVERY DAY! In Network Marketing, no-one is going to tell us what to do. We need to be self-motivated. We are accountable for our own success OR failure.

3.  “Learn by Doing; Get Good by Practising.” – Like learning ANY new skills, when we first started, it is not comfortable. Talking to real prospects is the only way to get good at prospecting. We cannnot get good at listening to training audios or watching our mentors. We have to be DOING prospecting in order to get good at it.

4.  No Emotional Attachment – It is important to realise that not everyone is open mind or willing to go beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals. Armed with this attitude, the outcome of our interview process is more relaxed. We then become more efficient in sorting out who actually are the ones genuinely looking for opportunities. We interview them to see if they have a burning desire for success. We also interview them to assess if they are teachable and can be part of our productive team.

The important skill to master is to remain calm when our prospects give us excuses. We do nott have to buy their excuses. We do not have to react either. Just move on and find another prospect!

Some Practical Tips

For Ladies –  Lisa suggests these – standing up, putting on a head set when talking on the phone, wear high heel shoes and lipsticks and have a full length mirror in the work area.

For gentlemen – She suggests putting on a buttoned shirt and perhaps a tie so that you are in working mode mentally.

I have not done any of what Lisa teaches except for the tips on standing up. I am keen to hear your experiences!

Here are two questions that Lisa suggests us to ask:

“Do I sound if I believe in myself, my products and my company?”

“Would I enrol with me or buy products or services with me?”

How Do You Prospect?

Have you prospected without posture like Lisa did before? Do you prospect with posture now?

What kind of challenges did you face in mastering this Prospecting With Prospect skill?

I’d love to hear your insights!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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