MLM Prospecting Tips – Respecting Our Prospects

Hi, Welcome to this month’s featured Network Marketing trainer, Lisa Kitter Combs!  Last month, I have shared with you some of the best prospecting and closing tips from Lisa’s husband, Jeffrey Combs. This amazing couple bring to the table over 20 years of sales, marketing and team-building skills!

Today, I am going to share with you one of the most fascinating knowledge that I have learned from Lisa by diligently attending to Jeffrey & Lisa’s “The Psychology of Prospecting” series.

Respecting Prospects’ Circumstances

When I was still an amateur network marketer, I used to chase my friends around, thinking that ‘the fortune is in the follow up’. What I didn’t know was that following up on the WRONG people was just a waste of time. Later, as I became more experienced, I was able to distinguish who were the real prospects and who were just ‘suspects’ (I am borrowing Jeffrey Combs’ vocabulary here).

It was not until I learned about Lisa’s “10 Phases of Enlightenment” that I got absolutely clear about where my prospects and team members were at. Many network marketers have a genuine desire to help their friends to take advantage of the premier products or services or the brilliant network marketing opportunity. Yet,  when our propsects were ‘not there’, there would not be any sales or enrolment! YES, even if we do care, we do communicate and listen well, we are extremely skilled in asking for the sale… NO SALES!

The ’10 Phases of Enlightenment’ has assisted me in totally accepting the outcome of the prospecting process. I have mastered the skill of lettng go of the outcome. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ no longer becomes personal. There is no emotional attachment to the ‘No’s. My time and energy can then be well spent on the right prospects who deserve my time 🙂

“The 10 Phases of Enlightenment”

1. Is this all there is?

This is a phase when our prospects just did not seem to ‘get’ what we are talking about. This is because they are taught up in their own circumstances. They are in nth ‘stuck mode’.

Often, they will be saying things such as “This is too good to be true.”

or “I am skeptical.”

2. I can’t believe this is all there is!

At this stage, our prospect is doubting if there are better ways! They tend to be a bit more receptive to what we have to offer.

3. There has to be more!

It is at this stage that the prospect typically ask the ‘How” questions. For example, our prospect may have been struggling for a long time and feels that there has to be more than what he or she is experiencing now!

4. I know there is more.

People in this phase are the ones responding to our advertisements and other marketing efforts. They are more open to what we have to offer.

5. I will have more.

This phase is when our prospect KNOWS that there are more in life…. and that he or she just needs a mentor to show the way to become more successful.

6. I deserve to have more!

This is the phase is READY for change. They have faith and confidence in their journey to a different outcome! Quitting is definitely not n option!

7. More is coming to me daily.

In this phase, those prospects who initially said ‘No’ are now calling back to us. This is an exciting stage when small successes breed even more confidence!

8. I give thank for all I am receiving.

Lisa describes this as the ‘Prosperity Mode’. The same efforts that we put into prospecting and closing now yields better results. Say, instead of having to go through a lot of prospects to get to a ‘Yes’. We may need to present to just 5 prospects to have one enrolment.

9. I recognise that I am more …therefore I continue to receive more.

Lisa points out there is even better results – not because of the scriopt that we read, the compensation plan or any other tangible features. It is a phase when we HAVE BECOME a better person and a better leader!

10. I have received more… therefore I am now in a position to give more.

This is the MOMENTUM phase! As our focus is in helping many more members in our team to be successful, we have more time, energy and money to give!

Where Are You At? What About Your Prospects? Your Team Members?

I am at phase 7, heading towards phase 8.  Where are you at? Feel free to share your personal experiences with us here!

Perhaps sharing this with your friends who can also benefit from Lisa’s MLM Success Tips?

I appreciate your comment and/or sharing 🙂

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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